Get Your Smile Back With Dentures!

When you’ve lost most of your teeth, smiling, eating, drinking, and talking can all become difficult and exhausting. Whether you are worn out from always having to think about your mouth, or you’re embarrassed from the “sunken” look of missing teeth, Shorewood Family Dental Care can help! We have options for those new to dentures, as well as ways to help your current dentures become more reliable!

Traditional Dentures

For patients needing a full mouth replacement, we offer traditional dentures that are precisely fit to your mouth to ensure comfort and stability. We make sure that every set of dentures we supply are adjusted in every way you want, and we’re happy to continue making adjustments as time goes on!

Traditional dentures fit on the top and bottom gums. They are generally held in place by suction or denture creams designed to help them adhere.

When you come to our Shorewood office for dentures, we’ll start by removing any remaining teeth. We’ll then take an impression of your mouth so that our dental lab can build you a perfect new set of dentures! This usually takes several weeks, and once we get your dentures back, we’ll have you return for a final adjustment and fitting. Then, you’re free to enjoy your new teeth with confidence!

Partial Dentures

For patients who have lost several teeth but are otherwise in good oral health, we can make a partial denture that will replace your lost teeth while keeping the remaining teeth intact. Partial dentures are generally made of resin which is attached to metal. The metal helps create a precise fit when worn, as your existing teeth are used to support your partial dentures.

Much like getting a full set, we’ll take an impression that our lab will use to create your partial dentures. Once we get them back, we’ll have you return and fit them to you perfectly!

Implant Retained Dentures

For patients unhappy with their current loose dentures or for patients who want an added level of stability and security, we’re glad to offer implant retained dentures! This great procedure will give your dentures a new life through the stability, security, and comfort afforded by dental implants!

The procedure involves the placement of several dental implants – usually about four – into your jaw. Once placed, we attach a bar or a series of metal balls to the tops of your implants. These pair up to a series of clasps or sockets on your dentures, so when you put them in, they’re held securely in place! This great system can also be built using your existing dentures – no need to have a new set made!

If you need dentures, or are curious about upgrading or adjusting your existing dentures, call us today at 815-768-1615! You can also reach us using our online appointment request form. We look forward to getting you the perfect set of new teeth!