• February 17, 2017

We understand that the dental office isn’t anyone’s favorite place on Earth. But our Shorewood IL family dental team works to make dental visits easy, affordable, and … dare we say, fun.

One of the our many focuses is children’s dentistry. We take pride in providing advanced preventive and restorative care for each child that walks through our door.

Today we want to share a short video with you about a patient named Wrenna. She was terrified of the dentist, but now she is one of our best patients. She hated brushing her teeth, but now it’s become a HUGE part of her life.

Wrenna is just one of the youngsters we help educate about great oral health. Bring your child into our Shorewood dental office to give them a great dental experience. Call 815-768-1615 or use the online form to request an appointment.