man that is not embarrassed to smile

You Should Love Your Smile!

Have you ever covered your mouth when you smiled? Are you embarrassed to smile? Does the idea of showing your teeth make you anxious? Why don’t you like your smile – the color? A tooth out of alignment? No matter what the source of your dislike for your teeth, Shorewood Family Dental Care can give you a new smile that will fill you with confidence!

Cosmetic dental treatments are wide and varied, and any problem you have can be addressed by one of our advanced procedures. In some minor cases, we can even resolve your issue in one appointment!

Want To Reshape your Teeth?

Veneers are a great solution for patients who don’t like the shape of a tooth or teeth. Using a wafer thin layer of porcelain, we can whiten, cover stains, reshape, and repair your teeth! We can also use veneers to close gaps and lengthen teeth that have been worn down due to grinding or age.

Veneers are an ideal procedure for a wide variety of patients. They are easy to place, pain-free, and only require the removal of a thin layer of your teeth’s natural veneer.

Want Whiter Teeth?

When all you need to get a smile you’ll love is whiter teeth, look no further than Shorewood Dental Care! We have whitening options available for you to take home. Our take home whitening option is NiteWhite, which you wear in the evening for several weeks, getting whiter teeth in as little as 10 days! NiteWhite also features custom-made whitening trays to maximize coverage and application to your teeth.

Want a Complete Smile Makeover?

If you think you might need several cosmetic procedures to get the smile of your dreams, don’t let that stop you! We offer complete smile makeovers that will plan out every step of your treatment from start to finish.

You’ll meet with one of our dentists to determine your health and cosmetic needs, and then the two of you will work together to plan out each step of your care from start to finish! You’ll have a brand new smile that you’ll just love!

No matter what your cosmetic needs, we’ll work hard to deliver results that will make you smile! Everyone should love their teeth, and not be embarrassed to smile! So if you’re ready to get the results you’ve dreamed of, call our office at (815) 725-5991. You can also request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!