A Lifetime Of Oral Health Starts Early with Your Kids Dentist!

Ensuring proper dental hygiene for your children begins at an early age. It’s important that your young ones learn to care for their teeth from the time they can understand the necessity of good oral hygiene. Those good habits can last a lifetime, and so should their teeth!

Dental care for kids isn’t just about keeping their teeth clean. These good habits they will learn early on, both at home and at the dentist. In turn, this will establish a pattern of care needed to ensure a future of great teeth. Our caring staff will do a great job welcoming your young one and alleviate any fear they may have. Your child will feel at ease at Shorewood Family Dental Care with our kids dentists in Shorewood, IL!

Timing Your Child’s First Visit

It can be difficult to determine when you should start bringing your child to the dentist. Do you wait for all of their baby teeth to erupt? Or do you bring them in the moment you start to see a single tooth?

We recommend following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s guidelines:

You should bring your child in once they get their first tooth, or by the time they turn one, whichever comes first.

By bringing your child in this early, we can see any potential concerns before they become serious. Yes, even that first tooth can tell a story!

My Child Is Scared!

We love our patients at Shorewood Family Dental Care, from just a year old on up! We try hard to create a comforting environment that your children will love. Kids get excited to come see us, often because of the big steel giraffes we have around the office – they love playing with them! If that isn’t enough, your child will get a neat gift after their appointment!

You can help ease your child into dental care by helping them develop a good attitude about it. Being in an unfamiliar place can scare many children. Plus, the thought of someone poking around in your mouth isn’t exactly calming for most kids.

It’s important to enforce the importance of good oral hygiene early. This applies even before the first tooth. By doing this, your child can learn to see the kids dentist as an ally and not someone to be scared of.

What Will My Child’s Appointment Be Like?

When your child first comes in to see us, they will likely only have one tooth. In these first appointments, we like to take time to get to know your child and help them feel at ease. By establishing a good relationship early on, we can make sure that your child sees the dentist as a good place to visit.

We’ll inspect your child’s teeth and any that are getting close to erupting, and we’ll also do any necessary cleaning. A major part of caring for your child’s teeth is knowing what to look out for, so we’ll have a discussion about proper care for your child’s teeth as they come in and change over time. We’ll cover everything from teaching good brushing habits to what foods will help build healthy teeth, and you’ll leave with plenty of information to help you tackle your child’s teeth!

What Kinds of Special Treatments Will My Child Receive with a Kids Dentist?

We treat your child’s teeth like they’re just as important as the adult teeth, because they are! They need to be kept healthy so that your child’s mouth is properly prepared for the adult set!

We also offer dental sealants for your children, which will help protect their teeth as they age. Sealants are easy to apply to the teeth and can be done during a regular appointment. We will also give your child fluoride treatments to help rebuild any damage to their enamel. Lifelong healthy teeth start with your child’s first set!

How Often Should My Child See The Dentist?

Kids Dentist Near Joliet Illinois

Just like you, your child should see the dentist every six months. This gives us a chance to clean their teeth, check on their growth, and create a lifetime patient who will always care about their dental health!

Your child’s dental care is an essential part of growing up. By establishing good habits now, you’re preventing bad behavior later in life, saving money in dental restorations and treatments for damaged teeth.

Make sure your child’s dental health is a priority for them and you by calling us today at (815) 725-5991 for a kids dentist in Shorewood, IL. You can also request an appointment for you or your child by using our online form