Pediatric Dentistry: A Lifetime Of Oral Health Starts Early!

Pediatric Dentistry in Shorewood, IL

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My sister likes going here and she used to hate going to the dentist at one point but she likes going to the dentist. It’s not scary or anything. They are very funny. Like when they are cleaning my teeth and tightening my bracket they are always talking and like singing a song that’s on the radio. They are funny. If they are doing something like getting my braces tightened, you get to pick out a prize from the prize box if you don’t cry or anything.

Ensuring proper dental hygiene for your children begins at an early age. It’s important that your young ones learn to care for their teeth from the time they can understand the necessity of good oral hygiene – those habits can last a lifetime, and so should their teeth!

Dental care for kids isn’t just about keeping their teeth clean. The habits they will learn early on – both at home and at the dentist – will establish a pattern of care needed to ensure a future of great teeth. Our caring and welcoming staff will do a great job making your young one feel welcomed and alleviate any fear they may have. Your child will feel at ease at Shorewood Family Dental Care with our Pediatric Dentistry!

Timing Your Child’s First Visit

It can be difficult to determine when you should start bringing your child to the dentist. Do you wait for all of their baby teeth to erupt, or do you bring them in the moment you start to see a single tooth?

We recommend following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s guidelines: you should bring your child in once they get their first tooth, or by the time they turn one, whichever comes first. By bringing your child in this early, we can see any potential concerns before they become serious – even that first tooth can tell a story!

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Yeah so we have a great technique, it’s called Tell, Show, Do and they get to see everything I’m going to use before I use it. So if they are nervous about anything, I say “okay now I’m going to use my cherry jelly” and I show them that then I say “okay now I’m going to use sleepy juice” and I tell them “I’m going to be pushing right next to your tooth, if I push too hard you let me know because I’m really strong and I have really big muscles”. So it seems to ease their mind a lot too because then they will say “you are pushing too hard” and I ease up and they are okay, that’s not so bad. That seems to do really well when it comes to the injection and after that part is over, the rest is really, we call the drill Mr. Whistle, here’s Mr. Whistle, this is exactly what he sounds like and he has a flashlight and he sprays a lot of cold water so that they know all the sensations because fear of the unknown is usually why they are scared. So to be able to show them all of those things it seems to help a ton. Mr. Bumpy is the slower one, like okay I’m going to use Mr. Bumpy now, try not to laugh, it tickles a little bit. That seems to help a lot. We seem to have a lot of fun with them, I think is our main thing here. Half the time you will see me and my assistants dancing and I’ll be like, do you like to dance and they will say yeah. I’m like okay this is an awesome song, you know this song and it will be like New Direction or something and I’ll say do you know this song and they will say yeah, yeah and so they will be dancing too, giving them breaks too. Hey if you need me to stay, just raise your left hand and a lot of times the kids will just raise their left hand and I’ll say okay, hey, what’s going on, is something bothering you. Nope I just wanted to see if you would stop. They just want to be sure you will do what you said you were going to do, I think is what it usually comes down to. They do really well here. We see a lot of kids and I have a lot of patients who have gone to other offices, even sometimes pediatric offices and they have come here and we have been able to get more done here at a general dentist office than sometimes the specialist did and that makes a big difference. Just like I said, being able to go to a place where your kid is comfortable is a big deal. The parents end up, most of them come here and so they love being able to bring their kids to the same place and they are familiar with.

My Child Is Scared!

We love our patients at Shorewood Family Dental Care – from just a year old on up! We try hard to create a comforting environment that your children will love. Kids get excited to come see us, often because of the big steel giraffes we have around the office – they love playing with them! If that isn’t enough, your child will get a neat gift after their appointment!

You can help ease your child into dental care by helping them develop a good attitude about it. Many children can be scared of an unfamiliar place, and the thought of someone poking around in your mouth isn’t exactly calming for most kids.

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A year ago, I used to be scared. I was scared about how they were going to pick my teeth because it hurts my gums and so I get scared about that and then my dad told them that I get scared over it so they distract me whenever I’m scared. They never like scare me whenever I see them because they always tell me what they are doing and how they are going to do it. They teach you a lot of things, to clean your teeth and stuff and like how to do it. It helped me because when I was younger I hated brushing my teeth and now it’s like a daily routine

By enforcing the importance of oral hygiene early – even before the first tooth – your child can learn to see the dentist as an ally and not someone to be scared of.

What Will My Child’s Appointment Be Like?

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Dr. Henry is really fun and he is funny. He dances because when I got my tooth pulled, he dances and he sings and he’s just really fun and he takes really good care of me. They do it very gently and when they tell me it’s not going to hurt, it won’t hurt and if they tell me it’s going to hurt a little bit and I’m just going to feel a little pinch, I just feel a little pinch.

When your child first comes in to see us, they will likely only have one tooth. In these first appointments, we like to take time to get to know your child and help them feel at ease. By establishing a good relationship early on, we can make sure that your child sees the dentist as a good place to visit.

We’ll inspect your child’s teeth and any that are getting close to erupting, and we’ll also do any necessary cleaning. A major part of caring for your child’s teeth is knowing what to look out for, so we’ll have a discussion about proper care for your child’s teeth as they come in and change over time. We’ll cover everything from teaching good brushing habits to what foods will help build healthy teeth, and you’ll leave with plenty of information to help you tackle your child’s teeth!

What Kinds of Special Treatments Will My Child Receive with Pediatric Dentistry?

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Well of course when you first walk in, all the giraffes, that seems to help. Kids love giraffes and they get a stuffed giraffe on their first visit here that they can bring back to hold during subsequent visits. We also have a giraffe that we keep on hand in my operatory just in case somebody would need to hold a giraffe so we keep him on staff. I think just in general, when you walk in, it seems like a kid friendly place. Between the giraffes and all the giraffe stuff that you see everywhere, I wouldn’t say catered towards children but definitely a child friendly environment and I think that eases them right from the get go. And then everybody here is great with kids, it is the honest trust, everyone here is great with kids. All of the hygienists, half the time when I go in their room, they are coming up with new stuff to say or ways to keep things interesting for the kids. They are all great, really, really great.

We treat your child’s teeth like they’re just as important as the adult teeth, because they are! They need to be kept healthy so that your child’s mouth is properly prepared for the adult set!

We also offer dental sealants for your children, which will help protect their teeth as they age. Sealants are easy to apply to the teeth and can be done during a regular appointment. We will also give your child fluoride treatments to help rebuild any damage to their enamel. Lifelong healthy teeth start with your child’s first set!

How Often Should My Child See The Dentist?

Pediatric Dentistry in Shorewood

Just like you, your child should see the dentist every six months. This gives us a chance to clean their teeth, check on their growth, and create a lifetime patient who will always care about their dental health!

Your child’s dental care is an essential part of growing up. By establishing good habits now, you’re preventing bad behavior later in life, saving money in dental restorations and treatments for damaged teeth.

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We have a whole prize drawer and if they have already been here one time, they know exactly where it is and as soon as they are done, I’m like okay, you know what time it is and they are like “it’s prize time” and they run to the drawer. Half the time you see them trying to sneak ten prizes out and I’m like whoa, whoa, whoa, one prize, one prize. Unless it is something that is multiple like they had a lot of fillings or something, then I’ll say, “okay”, or even if it has been an hour and a half or even if it’s like a little baby root canal and a crown we say princess crown if it’s a girl or batman or superman crown if it’s a boy, then I’ll say “okay you did such a great job, two prizes today”. They go crazy. These are like dollar prizes so nothing crazy.

Make sure your child’s dental health is a priority for them and you by calling us today at 815-768-1615 for pediatric dentistry. You can also request an appointment for you or your child by using our online form.