• July 1, 2019
brushing teeth games for toddlers

It may be tempting to let your kids their skip morning or nightly brushings if they are resistant to the activity. Why add stress to your day when baby teeth are eventually going to fall out anyway?

Resist The Urge

Tooth decay, even in children’s primary teeth, can cause long-term problems. Providing poor dental care for your kids can lead to issues with the alignment of permanent teeth, speech delays, difficulties in eating and painful infections. This applies to both, toddlers and elementary-school-age kids.The issue is real. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that tooth decay is a chronic condition for about 20 percent of children aged five to 11.

Setting good and healthy dental habits with toothbrushing as a parent is vital. This is because now you have control over your children’s morning and evening routines. Long-term, these daly brushing habits will establish a pattern that your kids will follow as they grow older. Adding fun brushing teeth games for toddlers to the process can be a good way to get them on board when they don’t want to brush.

Here are some tips to help your them want to brush their teeth two times per day:

Reward System

Positive reinforcement can go a long way in creating incentives for kids to change behavior. Post a calendar in your child’s room or in the bathroom and purchase some colorful stickers. Let the child place a sticker on the day of the week after toothbrushing with the goal of posting 14 stickers in one week. Agree to a small reward such as extra screen time or a small toy for meeting the goal.

Shopping Trip

Take your child to a big box store or pharmacy and let them select a new toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and floss just for them. Oral-B offers a number of toothbrushes adorned with Disney, Star Wars and other kid-friendly characters. Check to see if your child needs a brush for sensitive teeth. He or she may be resistant to brushing because it hurts.

Add Some Music

Work with your child to select a favorite song that you only listen to when he or she brushes their teeth. Choreograph a “you did it” celebratory dance to round out the fun.

Brushing Teeth Games for Toddlers: Hide N’ Seek

We have another great option when you have a bit more time in the evenings. One of our favorite brushing teeth games for toddlers is to make a game out of finding the toothbrush by hiding it in a different room every night. Play the “hot” and “cold” game until the brush is located then race to the bathroom to see who can get there first. Whatever strategy you embrace, over time your kids will understand how important it is to brush their teeth because you have made it a priority.

It can be hard to make decisions about your child’s dental care. Give your child great, comfortable dental care, cause a dentist for kids should always be fun. Our team at Shorewood Family Dental Care can help. Call and schedule your child’s appointment today at 815-725-5991.