11 Habits That Can Stain Your Teeth

  • July 15, 2022

When people think of a healthy smile, they often picture white unstained teeth. While you may have the goal of pearly whites, there are habits that you can be doing that could lead to discoloration. These teeth staining habits are


Are Artificial Sweeteners Better For Your Teeth?

  • June 29, 2022

Today, more people are trying to find ways to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying some of their favorite snacks and beverages. This has led to the development of several artificial sweetener products that promise to provide similar flavors while eliminating most of the health risks associated


Changing Your Toothbrush After Being Sick

  • June 10, 2022

Nobody likes being sick, and today we are more conscious than ever about what we need to do when we get sick. One thing we often overlook, but shouldn’t, is your toothbrush. Most people are aware that changing a toothbrush regularly every 3 to


The Risks of DIY Dentistry

  • May 27, 2022

There are many reasons people forgo going to the dentist, Money, Fear, Time, etc. Because of this, some people choose to try to address their own. While there are dental care needs you should be practicing daily at home, you should not try to address


Tinnitus & Teeth: Is There A Connection?

  • May 9, 2022

Have you suffered from a spontaneous ringing in your ear and don’t know the source?  You could be suffering from a condition known as tinnitus. 0ver 50 million Americans suffer from this internally generated tone, which can be temporary or permanent.  There may be


Oral Health Care With Your Dental Hygienist

  • April 25, 2022

When you visit your dentist, you will often find your treatments and cleanings are administered by different people. Your primary care provider is your dentist, but they will have other dental staff in their office. One such person is the dental hygienist.


Receding Gums: Causes & Treatments

  • April 12, 2022

Receding gums is a common dental problem, more common than most people think.  According to the CDC, between 45% and 70% of American adults suffer from gum recession.  If left unchecked, receding gums can lead to more serious dental problems, including tooth loss. Are


What Is The Timeline For A Dental Implant Procedure?

  • March 30, 2022

If you are missing any teeth, the benefits of dental implants are clear. Instead of dealing with dentures or a bridge, dental implants are a treatment option that provides the functionality you’d expect from permanent teeth.  If your dentist determines you are a suitable candidate, you’ll begin a journey that


Is Sugar-Free Gum Good For Your Teeth?

  • February 23, 2022

We know that sugar damages teeth by creating acids that eat away at enamel and attract bacteria that cause gingivitis and gum disease. It takes about 20 minutes for your saliva to clear the sugar away from your teeth after you’re done eating or drinking something containing