Relieving Pain and Discomfort with a Pain Free Root Canal

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Root canal is the scariest word in dentistry. Everybody comes in dreading that and everybody knows somebody that has had a horrible experience with a root canal. I would say when I was in dental school we learned by the old technique which was hand file which was three, hour and a half appointments at least to have one tooth treated via root canal. Through training and new technology out there, now that train of thought has changed drastically to where almost all root canal procedures are accomplished in the first procedure so the day you are in and you are numb, we are finished. It has to do with the technology that is available so we go from a hand file system to a motorized system which is basically a drill supported thing. Our x-rays, because they are digital, we have that image in two seconds so we don’t have to take an x-ray, put it through a developer and wait. Much quicker and easier for the patient. Because we are not going in back and forth, they don’t have to get numb multiple times and typically once that root canal is sealed, the symptoms are going to subside very quickly rather than linger on over a series of appointments.

You’ve probably heard of a root canal, and you’ve also probably heard some of the stories and myths surrounding them:

  • Root canals hurt.
  • They can cause infections.
  • It’s better to pull the tooth.

Whether or not you believe those myths, they’re all untrue! Pain free root canals are one of the most tried and true dental treatments available. It’s important to separate the truth about root canals from the rumors and bad reputation this procedure has.

Why Get a Root Canal?

When tooth decay begins, it attacks the surface of your teeth. Catching a tooth decay is ideal before allowing it to go any further. But in instances where it does, it will continue to go deeper and deeper into your teeth. Eventually the decay can reach the roots of your teeth. When this happens, the very core of your teeth are attacked. An tooth root infection can cause a lot of pain. In order to remove the infected tissue while cleaning and protecting the area, a root canal need to be done.

This brings us to our first root canal myth – they cause pain. Quite the contrary! Any pain you were experiencing before your root canal will be gone after the procedure! While you may experience some sensitivity for a few days after a root canal, you’ll be under local anesthesia during the procedure. Not only that, but you’ll be infection free afterward!

The Procedure

A root canal procedure begins with localized anesthesia to numb your mouth. We can also offer several dental sedation options for patients who are anxious about their procedure! Once you are relaxed, we’ll begin by clearing away any decay. This is from the surface of your tooth to the inside portion where the soft tissue, or dental pulp, lies. The pulp is what is infected and inflamed when decay reaches the center of your tooth.

We use a series of special endodontic rotary files to gently remove any infected pulp from inside your tooth. Our advanced rotary files are far more effective than traditional hand-held files. This means that we’re able to more effectively remove all infected tissue.

After cleaning and sterilizing the inside of your tooth, we’ll fill it with a special soft filling. This unique filling will protect and preserve your tooth. We’ll also reduce your tooth in size so that we can place a crown on it. This will further protect your tooth from the wear, tear, and sensitivity that can develop after a root canal.

A well performed root canal at Shorewood Family Dental Care won’t cause an infection. In fact, it will remove every last bit of it! We take great care to ensure sterilization and protection to your tooth after your root canal. This way, there is no chance of reinfection.

Why Not Pull The Tooth?

Pulling a tooth is always a last resort. Yes, there are cases of infection and decay that can necessitate extraction. However, we believe that the best thing for your mouth is your natural teeth. If we can protect and restore a tooth suffering of damage, we’ll always do that instead of extracting it.

If you think you need a pain free root canal procedure, call us today! You can schedule an appointment by calling us at (815) 725-5991, or fill out our online appointment request form. We look forward to helping you live pain-free!