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I cannot say enough about our team, I mean they are so personable. It makes doing dentistry not a job, it makes it fun to actually come here to help our patients out. I know that every time one of our patients come in, my team, first name basis, expecting them with open arms. I can tell that our team members are generally interested and if not, involved in our patients care. Our patients know that and they realize that. They partner with us, you know, to bring them to better health. I tell you one thing, it makes a lot easier doing dentistry on somebody who is happy rather than somebody who is anxious and for those patients who are anxious, oh my gosh, we can make them feel so comfortable. That’s what makes doing dentistry a lot of fun, in fact, the most fun part is just interacting with our patients, the dentistry is just a bonus.

When you come to our Shorewood, Illinois dentist office, you want to know that you’re in good hands. When our staff is handling you and your teeth, you’ll feel at ease trusting in their skills and professionalism. Some of our team has been here for over 20 years!

From the moment you walk in our door, you’ll feel welcomed by our staff. Our caring and understanding front office staff are highly skilled at balancing our calendars and yours – we’re sure to be able to find a time that will work for your schedule!

Our dental assistants, who will work with you and assist our dentists in all their clinical needs, are compassionate and willing to help you relax and feel comfortable. You deserve someone in your corner when you’re at the dentist!

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We are all about teamwork, like any really great running office, it’s all about teamwork. So between the doctors, the assistants, the front desk and the hygienists, it’s all really about working together to make sure that the patient has a good, cohesive experience that’s good. Right when they walk in the door, if they have questions about billing, that people at the front know exactly “oh your insurance is going to cover this and this is how much you should expect to pay”. And then to go right to their cleaning and to have the hygienist know this is exactly what we are doing today, it just really works as a nice team and then to have the doctors come in and the hygienist already telling you “hey you know, this is what is in the treatment plan, this is already what we are planning to do, Mrs. Jones has a couple fillings to do and we are planning on doing those next month”. It just works like a well oiled machine and so working with the staff is awesome. It makes my job so easy, so easy when I can come in and you know, really focus on what I need to focus on as a doctor without having to worry about any other like paperwork things or anything like that. They are great, they do everything. Half the time they do things that I don’t even think of doing yet, you know I’m like and they are like oh and we did this. Oh great, that’s awesome because it would be things that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Our hygienists are all certified and highly trained, giving you dental care that stands out from the crowd. You’ll know what great work you’re getting when you’re sitting in our chair! All of our staff, especially our clinical experts, value continued education and are constantly working to improve their skills. You can be sure that our hygienists hold themselves to an incredibly high standard!

From start to finish, your experience at Shorewood Family Dental Care will be a good one. We’re glad you trust us for your dental care – we want you to keep your teeth a lifetime!

If you’re ready to meet our staff in person and find out about the great work they do, call us today at 815-768-1615. We look forward to helping you!