Questions About Your Care?

At Shorewood Family Dental Care, we value patient education. A healthy, happy mouth can only be achieved if you know how to care for your oral health, so we gladly answer any questions you have about your care!

We’ve collected some of our frequently asked questions here for you, hopefully you’ll find an answer you need! If you have any other questions or want more information, call our office at (815) 725-5991! You can also fill out our online contact form, and someone from our office will be in contact with you during our business hours.

Q: What is a good solution for dental anxiety?
Q: What can dental lasers do for me?
Q: When should my child first see the dentist?
Q: Is teeth whitening safe?
Q: Are regular cleanings really important?


Q: What is a good solution for dental anxiety?
A: Dental anxiety can stand in the way of you and a healthy smile, and we understand completely! For many patients, anxiety can result in long term absence from care and serious damage to teeth that could have been prevented.

First off, we want our patients to know that we won’t judge or reprimand you for being away from dental care. We’re just glad you’re back! And when it comes to treating anxiety, we have great sedation options available to help make your treatment relaxing and stress-free.

We offer laughing gas as our lowest level of sedation. For patients undergoing a short procedure or with minor anxiety, this is a great option. Within moments, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable with your treatment, and it wears off so quickly that you’ll be able to drive home after!

Our next level of sedation is oral conscious sedation. This is delivered using a pill which you take prior to your appointment. It will put you into a very relaxed state. Because of the intensity and duration of this medication, we will ask that you bring someone with you to drive you home. Oral sedation is an excellent option for longer procedures.

For patients with greater levels of fear or those undergoing a longer procedure, we offer IV sedation. This level will place you into a conscious “twilight” level of sedation that will also be highly amnesic – you won’t even remember your treatment! Dr. Funk is IV sedation certified, so you’ll be in good hands at Shorewood Family Dental Care!


Q: What Can Dental Lasers Do For Me?
A: Dental lasers are one of the newest technologies available in the industry, and one of the most advanced products available! Lasers have multiple advantages and are available for use in our office to treat gum disease, cold sores, and reshape gum lines.

Dental lasers act by using a high amount of heat, which vaporizes tissue instead of cutting it. This means that there is no bleeding, and your healthy gums will be instantly sealed to avoid secondary infection! The heat also kills any bacteria or germs in the area, so you’ll heal quicker and safer!

Dental lasers can be fine tuned for their purpose – even so precisely that they only react to certain colors of tissue! This means that we can expertly remove damaged portions of your gums and preserve healthy tissue without a chance for error.


Q: When Should My Child First See The Dentist?
A: It can be tricky to determine the best time for your child to first see the dentist. At Shorewood Family Dental Care, we recommend that your child is seen around the time that they get their first tooth, or at a year old (whichever comes first). Dentistry for children is just as much about establishing good habits and getting your child familiar with the dentist as it is about dental care!

We recommend that your child see us every six months after their first appointment. This way, we can chart their development and keep track of any potential issues. Keeping baby teeth healthy is important – they pave the way for the growth of healthy adult teeth later on!


Q: Is Teeth Whitening Safe?
A: Whitening uses several chemicals, most commonly peroxide, to remove stains and lighten the overall shade of your teeth. As with any chemical, there are always risks to whitening your teeth. This is why we recommend that you only undertake whitening done professionally or with the prior consultation of your dentist.

Whitening done professionally is safe, and multiple measures are put in place to assure that you are protected from the whitening gels. We also offer take-home whitening that features custom-made trays, which ensures a safe, easy, and complete coverage of whitening gel.

Our in-house whitening system even features an after-treatment that helps to prevent and remove sensitivity, which is one of the most commonly reported side effects from whitening treatments.


Q: Are Regular Cleanings Really Important?
A: Getting your teeth cleaned can seem like a hassle. You have to take time off work, come into the office, deal with the discomfort of cleaning … what a hassle! Despite the inconvenience of dentist appointments, getting a cleaning every six months is integral to maintaining your oral health.

No matter how well you clean your teeth, plaque always builds up in hard to reach places that you won’t be able to clean. That’s why it’s important that we see you on a regular basis. You can be incredibly thorough about brushing your teeth, but you’ll never get rid of the plaque that’s hiding in every nook and cranny!

A professional cleaning will not only remove plaque, but it will also give us a great chance to track your dental health over time. By building a history of your teeth, we’re better prepared to catch a problem before it costs you money and time!