Edit IMG_5717 High resShorewood Family Dental Care: Your Choice For Lifelong Teeth

When choosing a dentist, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Who’s the best option: The cheapest? Closest to home? The one with a dozen locations?

How about someone with a wide variety of services and a commitment to the cutting edge of dental care? Maybe someone who cares about patients like they’re people and not just numbers? What about someone with appointments available when you need them, including Saturdays? That’s just part of the difference Shorewood Family Dental Care can offer you!

Care and Comfort for Our Patients

The dentist office can be a scary place for adults and children alike! We do all we can to help you relax in our patient chair. We’re glad to offer a blanket or pillow to help you get comfortable, and we even have ceiling-mounted TVs in each room so you can watch a movie during your appointment!

We also offer several sedation options for those who are exceptionally nervous about their dental care. We have laughing gas, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation available. Just ask!

Advanced Dental Technology

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We have all digital radiographs, digital x-rays which makes it really great for patient education so that the patients can see in a big blown up view. “Okay this is the cavity” instead of people looking at those little 2 X 2 radiographs and it is hard to show a patient where a cavity is or where a fracture line is when you can barely see it on a little thing so to have that makes a big difference. We also have the intraoral cameras, another huge difference. I mean, how many people can see back to the second molars in their mouth so when someone tells you that you need a crown, it helps so much when you can see it and say “oh yeah I need a crown and I can see that fracture line is there and I know exactly why I need it” and you can see the picture blown up on a big screen. We have the Cone Beam CT. We do implants here which is something a lot of general dentists don’t offer. It’s great when you can come to one place and get everything done at one place. We see a lot of pediatric patients, I see a lot of pediatric patients and it’s great when the whole family can come to one spot and they don’t have to go to a lot of different areas. They can come here; mom, dad and the little ones, and get everything done. We have (inaudible) here which is the laughing gas for the kids and that seems to calm them down and lets us do work that might not be able to normally be done in an office that wouldn’t have that. So another one of the great things that we have for our pediatric patients, and we have tv’s, which is great for everyone, not just the pediatric patients. I mean, who doesn’t love watching tv. If you have to get your teeth cleaned, you might as well watch something good that you like to watch while doing it. And so with the pediatric patient, it helps a ton. We have headphones so that helps drown out the sound of the drill and anything that might make them nervous you know that you would think of normally at the dentist office, then they can’t hear it because they hear the tv in their headphone and so instead of having the drill in their ears, they have that and it seems to calm them down a ton. They can watch Doc McStuffins or Paw Patrol, all the things that they love watching and just be able to sit and lay and relax and all they have to do is stay still then it’s easy from there.

We love new dental technology, and so will you! Our practice has some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, and all of it is there to ensure your teeth are as healthy as possible!

  • Digital X-rays give a clearer picture of your teeth for a faster diagnosis, and they use less radiation!
  • 3-D Imaging Cone Beam technology can get us a fast, accurate picture of your teeth in three dimensions, which we can use to plan treatment and diagnose certain problems quickly and efficiently!
  • Dental Lasers are a revolution in care. We can use our lasers to perform work on your teeth and gums, meaning there’s no cutting, bleeding, risk of infection, or long healing times!

Available When You Need Us!

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You know we want a patient to be able to come here and get comfortable and get used to our office and not have to leave for different things when we can take care of them and meet all their needs here basically. So we really can treat most things, there are exceptions where they would have to leave but usually we can take care of everything here.

Getting to the dentist can be hard, especially if they close before you’re off work! We know your schedule is busy and that it can be hard to make time for personal appointments, so we stay open longer to suit your busy day! Monday through Thursday, we open at 7:30 a.m. and don’t close our doors until 8:00 p.m. That’s twelve hours of patient care a day. We’re here for you, so you have time to come in on your schedule!

You owe it to yourself to get great care that’s state-of-the-art, accessible, and affordable. Call us today at 815-768-1615 to set up an appointment, or fill our our online appointment request form. We look forward to showing you the Shorewood Family Dental Care difference!