Treat Gingivitis and Gum Disease With Lasers!

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Periodontal treatments are all non surgical, that’s the key to know. Anything that is aggressive where there might be some cutting, then that’s going out to the specialist. We are the nice office. We range from the traditional prophy which is an above the gum line cleaning all the way to something called periodontal scaling or root planing which we call periodontal therapy. That’s where we get the patient numb, do the cleaning below the gum line to remove tartar deposits that are there for patients. From there, we typically will get very good healing and then it’s up to the patient to maintain at home and we partner with them; we do our part and they do their part. Sometimes we need to revisit it because we know not everybody flosses which is hard to believe but those are the ranges of treatment we give in hygiene and services.

Are you worried about gingivitis or gum disease? As bad as it sounds, both are treatable and can often be done quite easily! The problem is when you delay treatment – the longer gum disease lasts, the better your chances of losing teeth!

Gingivitis and it’s progression into gum disease have one root cause: plaque. When gingivitis begins, it is almost always a result of being relaxed about your oral hygiene. As plaque builds up, the bacteria that thrive in it can irritate your gums, causing inflammation and infection. Initially, the damage is minimal, but if left unchecked can lead to loss of gum tissue, loosening and loss of teeth, and damage to your jaw.


Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and is also the easiest to treat. In most cases, gingivitis can be treated by simply changing your brushing habits after a thorough cleaning! At this stage, you’re not likely to have any lasting effects if treated promptly. In many cases, gingivitis won’t present any symptoms at all, but when it does signs can include:

  • Red, swollen, tender gums.
  • Bleeding when brushing.
  • Receding gums.

If you believe you may have gingivitis, we’ll generally be able to tell with an exam of your mouth. After a thorough teeth cleaning, we’ll make sure to go over proper oral hygiene habits and schedule another appointment.

It’s important when recovering from gingivitis that you see us more frequently than every six months. Frequent appointments can assure that you are recovering properly and that there is no further sign of infection.

Gum Disease

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We have lasers to help patients take care of their gum disease and get them healthy and we have cameras where we can take pictures of their teeth and they can see what we are actually talking about so they understand why we want to help them fix their problems and they are on board and they want to get there. We also have a scanner for impressions and crowns so patients don’t have to sit and bite on an impression for ten minutes and it just makes it easier for the patient.

When gingivitis advances into full blown gum disease, symptoms can worsen, and then you’re at risk for tooth loss. While still treatable, the severity of the damaging gums will only increase with time. Symptoms can include all those of gingivitis, but also:

  • Separation of your gums from their teeth, resulting in pockets.
  • Loosening teeth.
  • A change in your bite.

As gum disease eats away at your healthy gums, they begin to shrink and let plaque find its way further down your teeth. This can not only cause further gum recession, but it can cause your teeth to decay due to the acids in plaque.


Thankfully, we can treat gum disease using the most advanced method available: a diode laser. This laser can be specially tuned to a variety of tasks and can clean your gums quickly with little chance for secondary infection.

The power of our laser lies in its ability to target certain areas of your gums, such as darker tissues that are infected or damaged by plaque. The laser allows us to vaporize infected tissue and leave healthy portions behind without any damage! The heat of the laser also instantly seals the healthy tissue, meaning there is no bleeding and a reduced chance of reinfection!

Once healing of your gums is complete, we can also discuss restorative treatments needed for your gums and teeth. You’ll be healthy and happy in no time by using laser for your gum disease treatment in Shorewood, IL!

Don’t put off your annual cleaning any longer. Come in today and let our staff of Dentists and Registered Dental Hygienists rule out gum disease for you. For treatment or additional information, call our office for an appointment today at (815) 725-5991. You can also request for an appointment using our online form. We look forward to bringing your smile back with healthy gums!