• August 20, 2019
dentist near joliet il

When you need a dentist near Joliet, IL, Shorewood Family Dental Care is the right choice. Our entire team of dentists, hygienists and office staff is focused on providing you the best care possible for your oral health. We are the best dentist for everyone in your family.

At Shorewood Family Dental Care, we understand that visiting the dentist can cause a bit of anxiety. We want you to feel comfortable every step of the way and encourage you to play an active role during your bi-annual visits.

The best way to do that is to ask questions!

Not sure what to ask? Here’s a helpful checklist of questions for the dentist. This list will get the conversation started and get you on the path to better oral health.

1. What Do You Look At To See If My Mouth Is Healthy?

Our team will explain the steps we follow with every patient to assess the health of your teeth, gums and tongue, as well as specific evaluations. This will be based on an updated medical history, your and current symptoms.

2. What Is The Plan For Today’s Visit?

Whether you are at Shorewood Family Dental Care for a routine, bi-annual exam or a specific procedure, we want you to understand what will happen during your visit. We’ll walk you through the steps and give you an idea of how long you will be in the chair. Make sure to ask for clarification if anything is unclear.

3. How Can I Tell You I Want To Take A Break During A Procedure?

Your dental care team will tell you about a hand signal you can make to let them know you need a quick break during a cleaning or procedure. Agreeing upon a hand signal in advance can be very helpful when you see a dentist for restorative work.

4. What Products Should I Use At Home For Better Oral Health?

Your dental care team is very knowledgeable about the variety of toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and flosses available over the counter, and when needed, by prescription. They will provide you with recommendations that meet your specific oral health situation and goals.

5. Am I A Good Candidate For Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Shorewood Family Dental Care offers several teeth whitening options that produce proven results without harming your teeth. We’re happy to tell you more about how the treatments work and if it’s a good choice for you.

6. Are Payment Options Available?

Yes, Shorewood Family Dental Care offers CareCredit as an option to pay for your dental care. It’s like a credit card for medical bills that enables you to charge your procedures and pay them back over time. Depending on the amount, you can even qualify for zero interest if paid back in a specified timeframe. Check out the CareCredit website and follow the listed steps to apply.

This checklist of questions for the dentist is just the start of the ongoing conversation. Great oral health requires ongoing attention and monitoring for signs of changes or issues. When you need a dentist, Shorewood Family Dental Care is there for you and your family every step of the way.