• June 9, 2021
dealing with TMJ symptoms

Are you tired of frequent headaches (and we don’t mean the metaphorical kind)? Then you might want to talk to your Shorewood, IL dentist with help possibly dealing with your TMJ. Seriously!

TMD, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a common problem, often originates from dental issues. The good news is that it can be quickly treatable in order to control your TMD symptoms, and hopefully put a stop to them altogether!

We are confident that with a little help from our team, you can overcome the excruciating pain and ongoing misery of TMD. Keep reading, and then be sure to get in touch to schedule your consultation with Dr. Funk!

What Is TMD?

TMD is not to be confused with TMI (too much information).

Your TMJ is a ball-and-socket joint, which allows your jaws to move both up and down and side to side.

As it happens, you have a TMJ on both sides of your head, and it connects your jaw to your temporal bones. It is an important piece of equipment that makes dealing with TMJ a real problem for you in other areas of the body when it is not functioning as it should.

That is what causes all the headaches and other sources of agony!

Diagnosing TMD

How do you know you have TMD?

Great question!

TMD is difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms are similar to a number of other problems. That’s why you will need to let Dr. Funk give you a comprehensive examination to rule out the other possibilities.

Strong Symptoms

If we can’t find any infection or decay that could be referring pain, then we’ll proceed to test your bite and examine your teeth for evidence of wear caused by teeth grinding.

While bruxism and TMD often go hand in hand, it is possible to have one of them without the other. If you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism, you may be:

– Waking up with a headache.
– Loudly grinding your teeth at night.
– Noticing that your teeth are flattened or chipped.
– Have pain originating in your temples.

If you’re suffering from TMD, you may have pain in your jaw or cheeks, trouble chewing, hearing a popping sound when you chew, or find chewing is uncomfortable. For both TMD and bruxism, we can offer you solutions that can eliminate symptoms and help you sleep better, and live a happier life!

Can The Dentist Really Help With Handling Headaches?

We really can help!

For some headaches caused by oral health issues, we can offer fillings, root canals and other restorative dentistry procedures to help, but for causes related to teeth grinding, TMD, or jaw alignment, we have a whole other set of solutions: mouthguards and appliances.

One of our go-to treatments is a custom-designed oral appliance that will help work your jaw back into proper alignment, and provide immediate relief from the pain.

Additional therapies might include prescription pain medications, behavior modification, as well as stretching and movement exercises for your jaw and face.

One way or another, we will get you some relief!

Take Back Your Life!

We hope that you have been inspired by the possibilities outlined in today’s post. Dr. Funk and the rest of our team can develop a specialized TMJ or TMD treatment plan to help you in dealing with your symptoms during your consultation.

All you have to do is contact us online or call (815) 725-5991 to schedule your next dental appointment in Shorewood, Illinois! We’ll take care of the rest.