• October 29, 2015
Dental Implant Facts in Shorewood, Illinois

Just a single missing tooth can change your life forever! If you’ve been living with the unhappiness of one or more lost teeth you’ve probably wondered which dental restoration technique was the best choice for you. At Shorewood Family Dental Care we have one answer to that question: dental implants! Now it’s time to learn the dental implant facts!

We’ve placed countless dental implants over the years and we have to say that our patients just love the results! These permanent, lifelike, fully functional restorations will make you feel like you never even lost a tooth!

We still get a lot of questions about dental implants and we wanted to be sure you know the truth about what they can do for you. Let’s go through the dental implant facts here and now!

Are Implants Uncomfortable?

Once healing has completed dental implants feel just like real teeth! The titanium post that is placed in your jaw is sturdy, stable, and acts just like your other natural teeth. Even patients with full mouth implant bridges don’t feel discomfort! We use four to six implants for full mouth solutions, dispersing force evenly and comfortably!

Some patients think implants are uncomfortable because they are implanted in the jaw, but the opposite is true! By placing the implants in the bone your jaw supports them just like your teeth! The gums are just there to make the look complete and don’t bear any of the force of the implant!

I Heard Implants Were Expensive!

Implants can be expensive but think of them like any other medical restoration: would you consider a titanium joint replacement too expensive if it gave you the ability to walk again? Dental implants are investments in your future health and happiness and you’re definitely getting what you pay for!

Implants allow you to eat, smile, and live with the confidence you had before losing a single tooth. They’re the ideal way to enjoy your life and cared for properly will last you forever! The price tag might be high but so is the satisfaction!

Are Healing Times Too Long?

Most patients are able to fully heal from dental implant surgery in a matter of just a few months – many heal as fast as just two! During the healing process you’ll have to be gentle on your implant, but that just means eating soft foods and not placing too much weight on it – that’s all!

A couple of months of healing for a lifetime of great smiles, eating your favorite foods, and living with ease is definitely worth it!

Dental Implants Have To Be Hard To Care For!

Not at all! Once your dental implants have fully healed and have been crowned or bridged your daily care process is simple: just care for them like your regular teeth! Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and flossing in the evening is more than enough to take care of your implants!

Since you’re taking care of those implants just like real teeth you need to be sure you’re seeing us every six months for regular dental checkups too! An exam and cleaning is just what you need to keep that implant – and your teeth – a lifetime!

You’ve Learned the Dental Implant Facts: Ready For A New Smile?

Whether you’re missing one tooth or a lot we can make a new smile a reality! And it’ll be a smile that’s permanent, fully functional, and beautiful! All we need is you!

Make an appointment at Shorewood Family Dental Care for an implant consultation today to learn all the facts about dental implants! Call us at 815-725-5991 or request an appointment by filling out our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!