• May 27, 2022
list of diy dental don'ts

There are many reasons people forgo going to the dentist, Money, Fear, Time, etc.  Because of this, some people choose to try to address their own.  While there are dental care needs you should be practicing daily at home, you should not try to address all your dental care by yourself.  Instead of attempting DIY dental care, you should work with a trusted dental office, like Shorewood Family Dental Care in Shorewood IL, to provide you with comprehensive care.

DIY Dental Don’ts:

– Filing Teeth with Nail Files.
– Teeth Whitening with Citrus Rinds.
– DIY Orthodontics.
– At-Home Extractions.
– Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda.
– Over the Counter Tooth Scalers.
– Self-Filling Cavities.

Filing Teeth with Nail Files

While unthinkable and painful to most, there are some people who try to reshape teeth by using a nail file.  There may be reason that your teeth need reshaping but trying to perform this on your own is likely to cause more harm than good.  You can find yourself with increased sensitivity, misshaped teeth, loss of enamel, and increased risk of rapid tooth wear.  If you are having issues that require your teeth to be reshaped, you should seek the care of a dentist to ensure that the right treatment is provided.

Teeth Whitening with Citrus Rinds

You may have seen a life hack for whitening your teeth by using citrus rinds.  While this may seem like an ingenious simple way to have whiter teeth, this will ultimately cause more harm than good.  The Acidic nature of citrus fruit is actually breaking down the outer layer of your teeth (the enamel).  This can lead to tooth decay and allows easier future staining of your teeth. Instead of trying this DIY treatment, you should work with your dentist who can provide more effective and safer options to help whiten your teeth.

DIY Orthodontics

Everyone would like straight teeth as a part of their smile.  Orthodontic care is usually a long process, that often takes years to complete.  The process can be handled with wires and rubber bands, specially designed inserts, or possibly even surgery.  An Orthodontist will know how to best correct your alignment to ensure you don’t damage your teeth, gums, or bones.  In the short term you may straighten your teeth, but over the long term, you may cause irrefutable damage or infections.

At-Home Extractions

Tooth pain can be unbearable.  You may have a broken tooth or a tooth with a bad cavity and feel that just taking it out of your mouth will relieve the pain.  Unfortunately, you could just make thing worse.  Pulling a tooth on its own is a painful experience when you don’t have the right tools.  You may also complicate matters by damaging other teeth, weakening your jawbone, or developing an infection.  Whenever you have tooth pain, it is important to see a dentist for the right treatment.

Brushing Teeth with Baking Soda

Today, people are concerned more about what products they want to use.  Whether it’s an environmental concern, a chemical concern, or a financial concern, some people think they can replace their toothpaste with baking soda.  Baking soda is often found in toothpastes to help their effectiveness, using a homemade paste from is not a good alternative.  First, the baking soda granules in a toothpaste are small enough to not be overly abrasive, which prevents damaging teeth.  Secondly, toothpastes include ingredients like fluoride that help protect your teeth from decaying.  You can consult with your dentist what toothpaste would be best for you.

Over the Counter Tooth Scalers

Dentists use scalers as a tool to help them remove plaque buildup on your teeth.  While it may seem like they are randomly scraping on your teeth, this is not the case. If you attempt DIY dental care by using these tools on your own, you are likely to damage your enamel or gums which will cause more long-term problems.  It is important to see your dentist at least twice a year for your cleaning, where they can help you address any plaque buildup you are experiencing.

Self-Filling Cavities 

Cavities and tooth decay can start as small issues, but if left unchecked, can grow to major problems.  If you go to a pharmacy, you may see temporary filling options on the shelves.  While these can be helpful tools in an emergency, they should not be used for long-term self-care.  If the tooth decay is not properly treated and removed from the damaged area, it will continue to spread, which can lead to broken teeth, pain, and infections.  By having your dentist treat the souse, you are more likely to keep your teeth healthy and avoid bigger procedures.

What Should You Do?

The best way to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums, is to avoid DIY dental care and seek treatment and maintenance with a dentist.  Dentists are here to help you and will work with you to keep your month healthy.  If you are looking for a dental care provider in the Joliet Illinois area, Shorewood Family Dental Care is here to help.  We have years or experience, and our highly trained staff is here to help you enjoy your best smile.  For a consultation, set up an appointment online, or call us: 815-725-5991.