• June 11, 2019
Tips on how to eat with dentures and implants

In an earlier post, we talked about the differences between permanent vs removable dental implants (also called snap-in overdentures). Both solutions work well for people who want to replace missing or damaged teeth. No matter which option is selected after consulting with a dental professional, there will be a few changes to how you eat. Learning a few tricks in advance on how to eat with dentures and implants should enable you to continue to eat more of the foods you love.

Removable Dental Implants (Snap-In Overdentures)

Teeth play an essential role in how we speak and to our overall appearance. Snap-in overdentures can change the quality of life for people with missing teeth who may have low bone density that will not support implants or who do not want oral surgery.

They are custom made to fit the wearer’s mouth comfortably. However, because the devices are removable (not anchored to the jawbone), they can shift a bit when chewing. When eating with dentures, it is also common for small bits of food to become trapped between the dentures and gums.

Chewing on both sides of your mouth with your back teeth helps even out the pressure on the dentures in your mouth. Proper use of denture adhesive can help protect against food particles getting stuck in uncomfortable places.

When eating with dentures, we generally advise patients to avoid foods that are hard or sticky. A few example include raw vegetables, fresh fruits, peanut butter, hard candies, caramel, popcorn, potato chips and nuts.

For many people wearing dentures, the slight inconveniences of eating with them are more than compensated for with the benefits of a full set of teeth.

Permanent Dental Implants

Because dental implants are anchored into the jawbone, they become a permanent part of your body. Over time the bone grows around the connectors to create an even stronger bond.

There is a healing process after the implant procedure during which it may be necessary to avoid certain foods. After a few weeks, you should be able to eat almost any food as you would with natural teeth. Bite into an apple. Enjoy a steak. Order popcorn at the movies. Then, of course, brush and floss your teeth to maintain good oral health. When getting a permanent tooth implant near Shorewood, Illinois we will have dietary advice for you to follow based on your specific needs.

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