• November 14, 2019
healthy after school snacks

The rush through the door after a day a school is usually followed by one key question:

What snacks do we have?

Your focus is likely on healthy lunchbox ideas for kids. Limiting access to sugary sweets and drinks is just as important for snack time as well. Encouraging kids to enjoy healthy after school snacks can require some imagination and dedication. Fight the urge to open pre-packaged snacks that can cause harm over time to your child’s dental health. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time for the school dental exam.

Check out these fun ideas that are nutritious and delicious.

Food For Healthy Teeth: Unique After School Snacks

Create Your Own Trail Mix. Put healthy options such as popcorn, carob chips and dried cranberries in separate bowls. If your home is food allergy free, nuts is a great option! Let your child create his or her own custom trail mix.

Frozen Banana Bites. Simply put cut-up banana slices in the freezer in the morning for a sweet and unexpected treat after school.

Roasted Chickpeas. Make sweet or lightly-salted versions of this crispy, vegan and gluten-free treat. Recipe here.

Fruit and Veggie Gummies. Mix fruit or veggie juice with gelatin, raw honey and vanilla extract. Afterwards, pour the mix into fun-shaped molds. Be sure to brush shortly after enjoying these treats so sugars don’t have a chance to build up on teeth. For recipe and instruction, visit the blog, Modern Parents Messy Kids.

PB&J Apple Sammies. Swap apple slice for bread and use a small cookie cutter to add a fun shape to the center of the slices. Here are the instructions from Delish.

Granola, Yogurt and Berry Parfaits. Layer the three ingredients in tall glass and serve with a long spoon for a sweet and healthy snack.

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