• May 3, 2021
kid dentist near crest hill

If you’re the parent of a young child you’ve probably wondered what the best time for their first dental visit is. According to the American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry your child should see the dentist by the time they’re one year old – are you on track? A lot of parents don’t see the necessity of a dental visit that early, but the evidence speaks to the contrary! We want to encourage you to bring your child to see us at Shorewood Family Dental Care (kid dentist near Crest Hill) by the time their first tooth erupts or by their first birthday. Setting them up for success early can make a world of difference!

Studies Show The Importance Of Early Care

A recent study of dental insurance records looked into the rates at which young children saw the dentist. They broke the records down by the age of the children’s first visits and the total cost for their dental treatments. The startling thing about the results of the study were where the most money was spent: on children who started seeing the dentist later!

That’s right – bringing your child in to see us at our Shorewood dentist office by their first day will save you a lot of money in dental work later on! It seems like the exact opposite would be true but the early care coupled with a reinforcement of the importance of dental care makes a huge difference!

How To Prepare Your Child For Their Dental Experience

A lot of parents ask us the same question: won’t my child be terrified of the dentist? It’s a reasonable fear – there are lots of noises, sights, and experiences that your child may find frightening at the dentist office. Getting them adjusted to regular dental care early on, however, can help them get past that fear faster!

Hopefully you’re coming to see us on a regular basis for cleanings and exams – this is a great time to introduce your child to the world of dental care! They will be able to see you going through a routine dental experience, which can help build trust in dental care, and they’ll also get to become familiar with our office, our staff, and dentistry!

If you bring your children in for a visit when you come for a regular appointment we’ll be glad to show them around! Our staff all love to meet new patients no matter the age! We all know how important it is for a child to feel comfortable and we’ll do our best to make sure they feel at ease at Shorewood Family Dental!

What Goes Into Early Dental Care?

Caring for children’s teeth isn’t too different from caring for adult ones with a few exceptions.

While teeth are still coming in we monitor growth patterns and eruption to keep an eye on your child’s changing smile. We want to be sure everything is coming in okay and also place a special emphasis on decay prevention for children. We apply dental sealants to their molars, use regular fluoride treatment, and do everything we can to guarantee healthy teeth as they grow!

Teaching your child how to keep their teeth clean is an important part of early care as well. While they’ll probably learn to brush their teeth at home we’ll make sure to fine tune their oral care regimen for optimum results!

We’re Built For All Ages!

When we designed our Shorewood dentist office we knew we wanted it to be welcoming, comfortable, and completely non-clinical. This is yet another way in which our dental care experience can put your children at ease! From the big metal giraffes in our lobby to the prize drawer they get something fun from on their way out we’re doing everything to make your child’s dental experience a good one!

Dental care for kids – especially early – is essential in managing costs, protecting young teeth, and teaching your child the importance of good oral health. If you’re coming up on that one year mark or have just realized you missed a deadline that you didn’t know about call us today! We’re ready to help your child make the transition to great dental care!

Be sure to join us in our next blog when we’ll talk about developing good oral care habits for your children at home!

If you are looking for a kid dentist near Crest Hill then we invite you to try Shorewood Family Dental Care. You can reach us at 815-725-5991 or schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!