• October 5, 2015
Kids Dentist Near Joliet Illinois

Children sure can be fussy, especially when it comes to bedtime! If you’ve ever wrangled your young ones to the bathroom to wash and brush you know how difficult it can be to make them play along! How in the world can you make them want to brush their teeth?

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we are a kids dentist near Joliet. Our team of professionals have plenty of tips to encourage good home dental care! There’s another exciting idea that has gained a lot of traction lately too and the best part is that anyone can do it with ease! We’re talking about smartphone apps that time your brushing!

An App Can Motivate My Kids?

Studies have definitely shown they can! An app called Brush DJ (available on the Apple App Store) was the subject of a study performed by the British National Health Service. They found some impressive results that suggest the app is a great way to motivate kids to brush!

Brush DJ plays two minutes of music from your phone. You can randomize it or choose one of your favorite tunes and it’ll play for the whole time you’re supposed to brush! The app also uses visual cues to tell you when to switch sides and move from top to bottom. It’s free, doesn’t have any ads, and is proven to work!

The studies from the British NHS speaks for itself – over 70 percent of young people who responded to the poll said their teeth felt cleaner when they used the app. Over 80 percent said it gave them more motivation to practice good dental health, and over 90 percent said they would recommend it to a friend! That’s a great outcome that shows that the app really works!

What Else Can I Do?

Hearing the same children’s songs night after night can drive even the most patient parent into fits of madness. Or maybe your child just doesn’t like the app. Not to worry! As your kids dentist near Joliet, we have plenty of suggestions for how to motivate them to care for their oral health!

Be An Example

Children love to imitate adults, especially their parents. Use that to your advantage and brush with them! Be patient and show them how to brush each side of each tooth and how to go around the whole mouth effectively. Turn it into a game by adding a bit of Simon Says or another favorite activity to brushing!

Offer Rewards

The internet is full of printable checklists that you can hang up on the bathroom wall. Every time your child brushes their teeth like they’re supposed to they can get a check, or however you want to do it. Once the card is full they get a treat (just not a sugary one – haha)!

Let Them Pick Out The Supplies

Children’s toothbrushes are bright and their toothpaste flavored for a reason – they’re more likely to use something that looks like a toy! Let them pick out their own toothpaste and brush – it will give them a connection to it and motivate them to use it every night.

Start Them Early with a Kid Dentist Near Jolie

Even if your child can’t operate a toothbrush they can still feel like they’re participating in the brushing process! If you need to brush for them you should still allow them to hold a brush. This can give them the sense that they are participating and can lead to an easier transition later on!

If They Just Won’t Cooperate

When all else fails brush their teeth while they’re sleeping. Children are pretty hard to wake up so chances are you can do it without a problem. Rinsing their mouths when they’re asleep can be tricky, so you might want to skip that step. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly safe!

Kid Dentist Near Joliet Emphasizing O Great Dental Care

Keeping your child’s mouth healthy can be challenging at home. It’s important to always pair good home learning with regular professional dental visits at Shorewood Family Dental Care! We’re ready to see your young ones immediately!

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