• November 2, 2020
safe dentist during covid-19

In response to COVID-19, we have enhanced our office with new advanced safety equipment and assigned new procedures, all designed to keep everyone as safe as possible. As such, we are not only meeting, but exceeding the guidelines authorized by ADA, CDC, WHO, OSHA, and Illinois Department of Health. COVID-19 has caused uproar over just about everything you can think of. These days, because of the pandemic, we are stuck questioning our comfort and safety doing a wide variety of things that we normally wouldn’t even think twice about.  You can rest assured with having Shorewood Family Dental Care as your safe dentist during COVID-19.

One should never have to face the choice between oral health care and their immediate well-being. This is why we took immediate action to guarantee your safety and comfortability at our office. Prior to our reopening back in May, we put in new protocols and an entirely new HVAC/Ventilation system in our office.

State-Of-The-Art Air Purification System

You may be thinking, “everywhere I go these days there are new protocols in place, what makes your office so different?” What sets us aside from everywhere else, is not only our incredible staff that is dedicated to following all updated protocols, but our negative pressure air flow system, and our new system.

Our negative pressure airflow system removes up to 483 cubic feet per minute in each of our operatories. (For reference, a standard bathroom exhaust fan can remove about 50-110 cubic feet per minute). This means with our new air flow system the air in each of our eight operatories can be completely removed in 1 minute. This air is exhausted out of the building and not recirculated.

Bad Air Out, Good Air In

A constant supply of fresh air replaces the exhausted air. Every cubic foot of air in the building is treated through a commercial grade HEPA filtration system in addition to our new Sanuvox Quattro UVC Air Sterilization System. This light is the only UV radiation that is successful as a disinfectant and killing bacteria and viruses. With this combination of HEPA filtration, UVC bio-sterilization and constant air flow, 99.999% of bio-contaminants are killed and filtered in it’s first pass through our office. All the air in the entire building passes through our new systems every 8 to 12 minutes, progressively supplying cleaner air for your health and peace of mind.

Additional Safety Measures

In addition, we also recognize the close proximity we have with our patients, so to ensure maximum safety for both parties we have also added face shields over our masks and protective eyewear. We always have, and continue to have our scrubs sent out for laundering, and wearing surgical scrub caps during certain procedures.

Book An Appointment For Your Dental Checkup

We understand the concerns around finding a safe dentist during COVID-19. That’s why here at Shorewood Family Dental we are all very excited, and extremely confident in the new changes we’ve made in our office. So if your looking for a dentist near Joliet, for your next teeth cleaning, be sure to call Shorewood Family Dental Care at 815-725-5991 or book an appointment online.