• February 25, 2016
Young Woman Enjoying The Benefits to Veneers

We all want a great smile – in fact, men and women consistently rate “good teeth” as one of the must-have qualities for people they date! If you’ve been wishing your smile was different it’s not a surprise – a lot of people want to transform their look!

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we offer a variety of treatments designed to help you look your best. For many patients the best choice is orthodontics, but other simply can’t, or don’t want to, wait that long. If you’re the kind of person who wants a straight smile and wants it right away there’s no better option than porcelain veneers.

What Are Veneers?

Think of a false nail: you stick it on the front of an existing nail to give it a better look, better shape, and overall better appearance. It’s the same for a veneer, except they’re going over your teeth! While that might be an odd picture to have in your head it’s the perfect analogy for how to think about veneers.

Made of wafer-thin porcelain, veneers are designed to:

  • Reshape your teeth.
  • Close gaps.
  • Smooth enamel.
  • Cover deep stains.
  • Fix chips and cracks.
  • And almost anything else you can think of.

They’re able to do some amazing stuff to your smile!

Several Benefits to Veneers

Wondering why you should choose dental veneers? It’s a good question, especially since veneers tend to be one of the more expensive cosmetic options out there. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. That might not be true when it comes to everything in life but it’s definitely true when it comes to cosmetic dentistry!

Veneers Are Easy To Maintain

One of the benefits to veneers is once they are placed you don’t need to do anything special to take care of them. All you need to do is simply brush and floss as usual. As long as you treat them just as well as you would treat your natural teeth they’ll be there for years to come!

Veneers Look Amazing

Don’t think of the chiclet teeth of decades past. Our porcelain veneers look so realistic no one will ever think they’re artificial. We remove an ultra-thin layer of your natural teeth so that they blend completely seamlessly, integrating with your smile in a way that will simply amaze you.

Because each veneer is hand crafted for you using your exact specifications we’re able to make them fit your mouth perfectly. We’ll even be able to show you a wax-up before your final approval. This way, you can see how amazing they look!

Veneers Are Stain Resistant

The last thing you want out of your cosmetic dental work is for it to turn brown the minute you drink a cup of coffee. A surprising benefit to veneers  – unlike cosmetic bonds – is that they are designed to resist discoloration. Meaning they’ll look good for longer than other restoration options. Years down the road when your friends are having their cosmetic bonds replaced you’ll be able to just smile – and it will still be dazzlingly white.

Veneers Last A Long Time

Cosmetic restorations don’t always last forever. To be fair, veneers don’t either. However, one of the benefits to veneers is they do tend to last around 20 years in many cases. Think about that – if you get them when you’re 35 they’ll probably be around well into your fifties!

Veneers Are Very Chip-Resistant

It’s pretty common for restorations to chip and ding, but not veneers. They’re made of highly compressed porcelain that is designed to be just as tough as your teeth. If you chip one of our veneers you would probably have been seeing us for a chipped tooth anyhow!

What Does It Take To Get Veneers?

To be an ideal veneer candidate all you need is a healthy set of teeth and a desire for a great new smile. When you come to see us for a veneer consultation we’ll still perform a thorough exam of your teeth. We want to be sure you’re healthy and able to enjoy the benefits to veneers for years to come.

If we determine that you need other treatments prior to getting veneers we’ll be happy to schedule those beforehand. We just want the end result to be one that you’re completely happy with!

Ready For A New Smile?

Every day you wait is one more day that:

  • You aren’t feeling your most confident.
  • Showing off your best smile.
  • Taking the chances you would if you knew you looked good.

Don’t spend one more day wishing you had the smile you want – call Shorewood Family Dental Care today!

You can reach us at 815-725-5991 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!