• November 9, 2015
best dentist in plainfield, illinois

Going to the dentist can be stressful. You might not realize it but we know that better than everyone – we see countless patients that are scared of getting dental care! We try to be the best dentist in Plainfield and the surrounding area, so patients can feel better about their visits. However, for some patients dentistry is just plain terrifying.

Shorewood Family Dental Care was built around a philosophy of excellent patient care that doesn’t sacrifice effective dentistry. We want to help you feel good about the care you’re getting and we’re willing to do whatever we need to in order to make fear-free dentistry a reality. After all, we can’t help you keep your teeth a lifetime if you avoid seeing us at all costs!

Dealing With Dental Anxiety

Dental care can be intrusive, painful, and uncomfortable, right? If that’s what you think of dental care then we want you to know times have changed! Advances in dental technology have enabled us to offer great care that isn’t anywhere near as invasive as it used to be!

We’ve embraced some of the best new technology in the industry in order to help eliminate patient fears. We use dental lasers to perform soft tissue modification without a single incision, DIAGNOdent touch-free cavity detection, digital X-rays that use less radiation and create clearer pictures, and other machines designed to eliminate discomfort!

We also have a variety of comfort options available – televisions in each exam room, blankets and pillows, and most importantly of all a staff that is caring, understanding, and willing to help you relax by explaining everything about your care.

Sedation Dentistry

Your general doctor may not offer sedation just because you’re nervous but a growing number of dentists do, and as the best dentist in Plainfield we’re proud to be one of them! Sedation is a great way to help patients get over their fear of dentistry and we’ve made multiple types available to our patients.

  • Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, puts you in a relaxed state but leaves you awake. You’ll be completely aware of what’s going on but you won’t really care. It’s great for patients with mild fear or those undergoing shorter appointments.
  • Oral sedation also leaves you conscious but very relaxed. Delivered in pill form, oral sedation makes you groggy enough to be in a near-sleep state where you’ll be completely at peace. One of the best parts about it is that you also won’t remember a thing – it’s an amnesic!
  • IV sedation is the highest level we offer. Identical to “twilight sedation” at a hospital, IV sedation leaves you in a state between sleep and awake. You’ll be able to respond to us but you won’t be aware of your procedure or remember a thing!

If you have a lot of fear about dental care sedation is a great options to know about. You can find out more about dental sedation during your next appointment.

You Need To Confront Your Fear!

Dental anxiety, dental phobia, and just feeling uneasy about someone poking around in your mouth all put you at serious risk. If you avoid the dentist due to fear you’ll probably end up with more serious problems than if you had faced your fears earlier!

Over 90 percent of adults end up with at least one cavity in their lifetimes. The key to preventing the need for fillings, root canals, and extractions all lies in regular dental checkups and exams. Without that kind of preventive dental care you’re basically giving your teeth and gums over to decay and infection!

You might be compounding your fears by not coming to see us as well. Have you ever been worried about a lecture from the dentist? If so that fear probably gets worse the longer you stay away! We’ll never lecture, talk down to, or berate you for oral health problems or avoiding the dentist. We’re committed to quality care, healthy teeth, and we’ll just be happy to see you!

Best Dentist in Plainfield: Let Us Help You Feel Better

Your oral health is in good hands at Shorewood Family Dental Care. Our team is committed to making your experience a good one and we’ll work hard to meet your needs. Don’t spend time thinking about whether you should pick up the phone and make the call – every minute is just one minute longer your teeth don’t get the care they need!

Call our Shorewood dentist office today at 815-725-5991 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. You’ll be glad you did!