• March 1, 2020
Dental Assistants Greeting a Child with a Blue T-Shirt on in the Dentist Chair

This year, Dental Assistants Recognition Week (also known as DARW) is March 1-7. It’s the perfect time for Shorewood Family Dental Care to celebrate and spotlight the professionals that are full of talent and so important to our practice. We appreciate their hard work and everything they do to provide quality dental care services for our patients.

Here’s just a partial list of all the things our dental assistants handle:

Patient Care

This is the main priority for every dental assistant. When you arrive at the office, our assistant will work with you to make sure your dental and medical records are up to date. Then they get you prepared for cleanings or planned dental work. We know visiting the dentist isn’t everyone’s favorite activity! Not to worry, these professionals can help you manage dental anxiety if needed. Before you leave, they can provide you with information about dental hygiene, oral care and plaque control.

Equipment Care

Dental assistants help sterilize and disinfect instruments, set up instrument trays and help maintain x-ray equipment.

Perform X-rays

Dental assistants take and develop dental radiographs, more commonly referred to as x-rays.

Assist Hygienists and Dentists

Just like in their title, these professionals are on hand to help hygienists and dentists as needed. They can play important roles during dental emergencies to repair smiles.

Create Impressions

Dental assistants can help take impressions of your mouth to help and then fabricate temporary restorations or create study casts.

Office Management

An assistants’ duties can also include scheduling appointments and making sure our inventory of dental supplies is current.

These talented assistants work hard to make sure your visits are efficient and effective. We’re so glad there’s a special week to recognize their meaningful contributions.

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