• March 30, 2022
dental implant procedure timeline

If you are missing any teeth, the benefits of dental implants are clear. Instead of dealing with dentures or a bridge, dental implants are a treatment option that provides the functionality you’d expect from permanent teeth. 

If your dentist determines you are a suitable candidate, you’ll begin a journey that ends with the restoration of your smiles. Here’s what to expect from the dental implant procedure timeline.

First, your dentist will assess your jawbone. This will ensure it is structurally sound to hold the metal (usually titanium) post that acts as the “root” for the crown that will be added later.

At the next visit, the dentist surgically implants the post into the jawbone. You’ll likely want to eat a diet of soft foods while the implant site heals.

Next, you wait for your body to do its part. Your jawbone will grow around the implant through a process called osseointegration. The process takes time. Complete integration can take a few months. Your dentist will monitor your progress.

Note, if oral health issues have caused your jawbone to degenerate, there may not be enough bone to hold the implant in place. One example of this might be from advanced gum disease. In this scenario, your dentist may need to rebuild your jaw with a bone graft. This can take an additional three or four months to heal.

When the implant is fully secure, it’s time for the placement of the crown, which has been designed to fit the open space and match the color of your other teeth. Replacement crowns are custom and may take some time to create. You may receive a temporary crown to help you eat and speak normally until the permanent replacement if ready.

While the dental implant procedure timeline may be longer than you expected, the results are worth it. 

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