• December 20, 2015
Providing Dental Implants around Joliet Illinois

Getting older can be rough. Your body just doesn’t work the way it used to, and that includes your teeth. It’s not uncommon for people to lose teeth as they get older, and that can have a big impact on your quality of life. If you’ve been considering getting dental implants around Joliet or the surrounding suburbs, you’ve come to the right place!

On the physical side, you may have more difficulty biting into and chewing certain foods. When you are missing teeth, that makes your remaining teeth work harder, which can increase your risk that those teeth will have problems, too. On the emotional side, you might be embarrassed to smile from the the large gaps between your smile.

If you have been considering dentures, we encourage you to visit our dentists at Shorewood Family Dental Care. Implant-supported dentures are one of the best options to improve your quality of life.

Stable & Strong Dentures

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and 35 million Americans no longer have any of their real teeth. Among our senior population, 23 million people are missing all their teeth, and another 12 million are missing one complete arch of teeth.

For decades, dentures have been the primary way people have replaced missing arches of teeth. Dentures alone are somewhat effective. As long as they stay in place, dentures can give you the appearance of a full set of teeth, and they do allow you to eat.

Maybe you can’t eat everything you would like, but you can still bite into and chew softer foods. This may be a lesson you learned the hard way. You tried to bite into an apple, and that apple pulled your dentures loose. Possibly you cut off a piece of steak, but you found that chewing it took a lot longer than it did when you had all your teeth.

Adhesives can make your dentures more secure, but it’s not going to give you back anything close to the same bite force you had when you still had all your teeth.

This is where finding a dentist that can provide dental implants around Joliet can make a big difference!

Dental implants are will hold your dentures in place in any situation. Even if you bite into an apple, you will take a piece out of that apple. When you chew on a piece of steak, you will be able to chew naturally instead of fighting your way through each bite.

Implant-supported dentures restore the appearance of your smile, and they can give you confidence to eat all the foods that you want to eat.

How Implants Are Different

With adhesives, your dentures are sitting on top of your gums and bone.

If you were using blocks to build something on top of a table, you could stack them on top of each other. As long as you didn’t push them anywhere but straight down, the stack would probably be OK. A push to either side could make your stack wobble or fall over.

That same principle at works with traditional dentures.

With dental implants, you are adding a much more stable base. To return to our building blocks analogy. Say you had a post in the table. On that post, you stacked your blocks. As such, you could then push your stack down and to the sides, and it would stay in place. To knock the stack over, you would have to tip the table.

Dental implants are like that post, only better. To support your dentures, we strategically place multiple implants in your jaw. Then we secure your dentures to the implants.

Imagine biting into corn on the cob again or snacking on almonds, peanuts, and cashews confident that you can crunch through them. How about being able to eat taffy and caramels.

With dental implants for seniors, you really can have your steak and eat it, too.

Enjoy Your Meals Again

If you are looking for a practice that specializes in dental implants around Joliet, we can help! Our dentists at Shorewood Family Dental Care will tell you that implant-support dentures are one of our favorite things to do for our patients. We’ve had multiple people come to our office looking for something better than their loose-fitting dentures.

Dental implants give them that something better. You won’t have to worry about your dentures coming loose when you are eating. This means you can enjoy your meal … and the company of the people who are eating with you.

We would be glad to show you how dental implants can make your dentures even better. Fill out this online form or call 815-725-5991 to make your appointment.