• January 1, 2020
dental insurance tips and tricks

The ins and outs of dental insurance can be confusing. But it is important to pay attention to the specifics of your policy to make sure you’re getting the most out of the benefit. Check out these dental insurance tips:

Review The Deductible

Some dental insurance plans have a certain amount you must pay out-of-pocket before payments kick-in. Most plans do not roll-over into a new year, so the deductible requirement resets on January 1. By scheduling cleanings and check-ups early in the year, you can build up the amount that is applied toward your deductible total. That way, later in the year, additional needed appointments or unexpected treatments are more likely to be covered by insurance.

Review Preventive Coverage

Another one of our key dental insurance tips is to have cleanings and dental health screenings regularly. Doing so can prevent or manage larger issues before they emerge! Visit your dentist at least two times per year for exams and cleanings. Many insurance policies include preventive appointments separate from the deductible. Does yours?

Review The Approved Provider List

Make sure your dentist or dental practice is on the approved list of care providers for your insurance plan, or you may end up paying for a larger portion or all of the fees on your own.

Review the Annual Limit

In addition to a required deductible, some dental insurance plans have an annual maximum, the total amount the policy will pay per year. Check the limit before scheduling dental work so you are not surprised after the fact.

Review Cosmetic Coverage

What is a smile makeover? 2022 could be the year to transform your smile with cosmetic treatments to fix crooked or damaged teeth, discoloration or stains, and gum issues. Some dental insurance plans include coverage for certain procedures. Work with your dentist to come up with a treatment plan, then ask your insurance provider for an explanation of benefits.

Affordable Dental Coverage for the Uninsured

Don’t have dental insurance or have concerns that your insurance doesn’t meet your families’ needs? Don’t worry. Shorewood Family Dental Care, a dentist near Joliet, offers an affordable in-house savings option called My Smile Dental Program. For as low as $40 Per Month ($35 per Month for Kids), our in-house program covers you for bi-annual dental examinations, all x-rays, and up to two fluoride treatments. It also offers a 20 percent discount off a number of other services if necessary. For more information on the My Smile Dental Program, call today!