• January 6, 2020
kids dental checkups in Joliet Illinois

As soon as teeth appear in your kid’s mouth, they are susceptible to cavities. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends children visit the dentist for a screening by their first birthday or as soon as the first tooth erupts.

After that, kids should visit the dentists every six months, just like adults. Regular kids dental checkups are an important part of every child’s regular medical care for a number of reasons:

  1. Preventing Cavities: Tooth decay can have negative consequences for kids. It’s important to keep primary (or baby) teeth in place until they fall out naturally to help with a child’s speech development and chewing capabilities. Regular cleanings remove plaque and build-up missed during brushing. According to the CDC, 19.5% of kids between the ages of 2-5 have untreated cavities.
  2. Educating About Proper Dental Practices: Parents and guardians are the best people to train kids about how to take care of their oral health and why it is important. Regular visits to the dentist reinforce what kids learn at home. Dentists can also point out areas that need improvement and provide guidance what to do and products that can help.
  3. Meeting School Requirements: Most school districts require proof of back-to-school dental visits. If you already have regular check-ups scheduled, meeting this requirement is easy. There’s no need to have to quickly try and fit in a last-minute appointment to abide by the school district’s policy.
  4. Establishing Good Habits: Kids that receive regular dental care are more likely to continue to schedule regular dental visits when they are adults and pass good habits on to their own children.

Tips For A Great Visit

The ADA offers tips to make kids dental checkups a positive experience:

  • Don’t schedule an appointment during nap time. Instead, pick a time your child is usually well-rested and cooperative.
  • Make sure your child has had a light meal and brushes their teeth before their appointment, so they won’t be hungry during their visit.
  • Save snacks for after the visit so they aren’t on your child’s teeth during the exam.
  • Think of the appointment as a happy and fun experience. If your child becomes upset during the visit, work with your child’s dentist to calm them.

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