• August 7, 2016
Kids Dentist in Shorewood IL

Now that August has started, back to school dental cleanings are overtaking the thoughts of families all around Illinois. Our team of kids dentist in Shorewood, IL wants you to help you keep your family’s mouths clean and smiles looking great, in spite of all the stress that this transitional period can bring. As a parent, you have a special responsibility to set a good example and establish high expectations for your children.

Ensuring proper teeth care and dental hygiene for your children begins at an early age. It’s important that your young ones learn to care for their teeth from the time they can understand the necessity of good oral hygiene. Those habits can last a lifetime, and so should their teeth if they keep them up!

To help you stay on track, we have come up with a few easily taught tips and explanations that should make good sense no matter how old you are.

Keep reading and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your next kids dentist in Shorewood, IL appointment!

Brush Like You Mean It

Teach your children to brush their teeth twice a day, at least. For brushing to be fully effective, it is very important to brush for at least two minutes when you do engage in this activity.

Remember, this is your first defense in preventing kids cavities, gum disease, and the like. But brushing is only the beginning of the prevention program. It has go to deeper.

Find The Floss

Here’s the thing: you will only ever be able to reach certain areas of your mouth with the help dental floss. So, plan on flossing every day as well.

Flossing is one of the only ways you can hope to remove plaque from the often overlooked regions in between your teeth.

While your kids are young, instill flossing as a healthy habit that they will want to carry with them as they grow. If they are not happy about it, remind them that it is easier than dealing with fillings, root canals, and extractions later in life.

Rinse With Mouthwash

This one is easy. Depending on the age of your children, a good mouthwash can help prevent bad things from happening. Especially if it contains fluoride. Just be sure to read the labels for appropriateness.

Visit Our Office Regularly!

Coming in every 3-6 months for professional teeth cleanings will make it much easier for us to build on your efforts at home to eliminate plaque and tartar from your teeth and keep any disease and decay at bay.

As your go to kids dentist in Shorewood, we have tools and training that you don’t have access to in your house! During your comprehensive dental exam, you will be screened for periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other issues that could be affecting your overall health and wellness.

We treat your child’s teeth like they’re just as important as the adult teeth, because they are! They need to be kept healthy so that your child’s mouth is properly prepared for the adult set!

We also offer dental sealants for your children, which will help protect their teeth as they age. Sealants are easy to apply to the teeth and can be done during a regular appointment. We will also give your child fluoride treatments to help rebuild any damage to their enamel.

Teach Your Children Well!

Teach your children how to brush and to floss properly. Turn them on to the benefits of fluoride. But, more than that, teach them how to find a dentist that they can trust with their smiles so that they will never be alone in their efforts.

If you are looking for a kids dentist in Shorewood and would like to learn more or to schedule your next appointment, contact us today! We can’t wait to get started!