• July 26, 2017
Back To School Dental Cleaning

Summer just seems to fly by, doesn’t it? Ready or not, it will be time to return to class for another year of school before you know it.

So, while you are looking for new clothes and buying school supplies, why not make one more stop? Before the business of homework begins, schedule your child’s back to school dental cleaning and exam or the whole families.

Our dentists are proud to serve families in and around Shorewood, IL. To request a back to school dental cleaning, you can contact Shorewood Family Dental Care by calling 815-725-5991 or by filling out our online appointment form.

We hope to see your family soon.

Reasons To See Our Dentists Before Classes Begin

We know there is never a slow time when you are a parent, but we also know that school adds more to your family calendar.

You are dropping off kids before school and picking them up after. You may feel like a taxi service taking your kids to and from after-school activities or making last-minute runs to the store because your children forgot to tell you about the big assignment due tomorrow. Knowing what is coming, it would be easier for everyone to have a dental exam done now.

You want your children’s mouths to be as healthy as possible. You encourage your kids to brush and floss daily, but you also know that they may not always do what you’d like them to do.

Our dental professionals are here to support you and your efforts. Pediatric dentistry is an important part of our family care. A professional dental cleaning can remove plaque and tartar your kids may have missed, which can reduce their risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

It’s better to find any problems sooner rather than later. At the same time, cavities are a common concern for most parents. As part of your routine visits, we will be looking for signs of cavities and tooth decay.

We would rather find them early when they can be treated more easily. This is better than getting a call later from your child’s school to let you know that he or she has been complaining about a toothache.

This is a good time for you to ask questions. As your children get older, their dental care needs will change. As a parent, you may have questions about what you and your family can and should do. We are happy to give you recommendations on what you can do at home to keep your mouths as healthy as can be.

Kids mouths go through a lot of changes. As primary teeth fall out and permanent teeth erupt, your children will be facing new issues. We can examine their smiles and let you know if these change could lead to the need for orthodontic care in the future.

For older teens, we can keep an eye on their wisdom teeth to let you know if those teeth may need to be removed to avoid more serious complications.

Extra Credit Can Keep Smiles Healthier

Daily brushing and flossing will go a long way toward fighting cavities and other oral health problems. Routine dental visits should be part of your oral care routine, too.

But you can earn some extra credit with some additional steps.

Dental sealants provide another layer of defense against tooth decay and cavities. When applied to your kids’ teeth, sealants can protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth that are most likely to develop cavities.

Fluoride treatments help in another way. Fluoride makes teeth stronger.

When bacteria aren’t removed by brushing and flossing, they can start to eat away at teeth. This is called demineralization. Too much demineralization leads to tooth decay and cavities.

Fluoride is a mineral. When it is applied to your teeth, it remineralizes them to fight the effects of the bacteria.

And as an added suggestion, we recommend making sure every athlete in your family has a mouthguard to wear during practices and games. Anyone who participates in sports that involves lots of contact, jumping, running, or flying objects should take steps to protect their smiles.

Talk to us if you have questions about what kinds of custom mouth guards for athletes provide the best protection.

Smile Ready with a Back To School Dental Cleaning

You want your kids to have healthy smiles on the first day, picture day, and every other day. Help them start with a back to school dental visit from Shorewood Family Dental Care.

Contact us online or call 815-725-5991 to schedule cleanings for the whole family soon.