• July 11, 2017
Learning When Tooth Removal Is Needed

Most of the time, it’s better to keep your teeth. Yet, if you know when tooth removal is needed, it’s better to replace them as soon as possible.

If you need teeth removed and replaced? It’s more convenient to find a dentist office that can handle both procedures for you. If you live in or near Shorewood, IL, our dentists can help you.

We will do everything we can to help you keep your teeth for as long as possible. We will also let you know when tooth removal is needed for your long-term oral health.

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Why Teeth May Need To Be Removed & Replaced

Severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, and traumatic injuries to your mouth may make it necessary to remove teeth. If there is any way to save the tooth, we will try to do that.

But for now, let’s discuss the worst-case scenarios.

Severe tooth decay and gum disease are both the result of bacteria causing infections in your mouth. When the infection is this bad, removing a tooth or teeth may be necessary to prevent the infection from spreading more than it already has.

Removing teeth also can create a new problem that needs to be addressed as well.

From a cosmetic standpoint, that gap hurts your smile. It also can make you self-conscious about your teeth.

From a functional standpoint, the space between your remaining teeth can make it difficult to eat certain foods. It also can affect how you pronounce certain sounds or words, and that too can be a source of embarrassment for some patients.

From a health standpoint, leaving the gap can increase your risk of losing more teeth. Your teeth provide mutual support for one another.

When just one tooth is removed, that can allow other teeth to drift into the open space. That can create more space between other teeth, which means more drifting and more changes to your bite and your smile.

By replacing your extracted teeth, you can restore the appearance of your smile, the function of your missing tooth, and the support that tooth provided for the rest of your mouth.

If you do find yourself in a situation when tooth removal is needed, our dentist will be happy to discuss tooth replacement options including dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. We want you to have the information you need to make the right decision for yourself.

Preserving Your Smile

As we noted above, we would prefer to help you keep your teeth whenever we can.

Tooth decay and gum disease can put teeth at risk. Fortunately, you can take steps to address both of these problems and save your smile at the same time.

Tooth decay affects more than 90 percent of Americans during their lives. Yet, cavities can be treated with a dental filling or dental crown in most cases.

If the decay has reached deeper into your tooth, you could have a tooth infection. At this point, it’s often still possible to save the tooth with a root canal treatment. It’s only when the decay has severely weakened the tooth that extraction becomes the best course of action.

This is also why we encourage patients to make regular visits to our dentist office in Shorewood, IL, for cleanings and exams. If we find a problem early, we can take steps to address it before your tooth is at risk.

Gum disease is another reason for routine dental care. If you seek help once you notice the symptoms of gum disease (such as bleeding gums, swollen gums, lingering bad breath), we often can deal with the infection before your teeth are in trouble.

Unfortunately, many people will postpone treatment until their gums become painful, which may not happen until the late stages of this disease.

Of course, your teeth also can be injured. A fall or a traumatic injury to the mouth could cause teeth to break or crack. In many cases, we can repair the tooth with a dental crown, but in some instances, the tooth is too damaged to be saved.

This is why you should take steps to protect your mouth. You can’t wear an athletic mouthguard all the time, but you should wear one while participating in any high-impact sports and activities.

Save Your Smile

Preventive care is the best approach to oral health, but when that’s no longer possible, early treatment is the next best option.

Everyone at Shorewood Family Dental Care wants to see you keep smiling. Call 815-725-5991 today or contact us online to schedule your next appointment with us. Whether you need a dental cleaning, treatment for an existing problem, or tooth removal and replacement, we can help.