• September 9, 2015
Fixing Dentures for an Older Couple Drinking Coffee

No matter how well your dentures fit you’re probably still stuck wondering if they’re going to fall out. They may stay in place well enough, but what if they fail at the wrong moment? It can leave you always worrying about fixing your dentures.

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we treat a lot of denture wearers. We craft new dentures, repair, adjust, and modify dentures for plenty of patients and we know one thing for sure: a lot of people aren’t satisfied with their dentures!

For most denture wearers there’s one question that gets a consistent answer: what would you change about your dentures? The answer: I wish they were more secure! Lucky for you our Shorewood dentist office can make fixing dentures a reality with implant supported dentures!

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

If you aren’t familiar with dental implants then you might be finding something out that changes your life! Implants are small titanium screws about the size of your teeth roots. They are placed in your jaw and allowed to bind with your bone, creating an incredibly strong connection.

Dental implants are used to restore single teeth, make full-mouth arches, and to bring new levels of stability to dentures. You won’t even have to get rid of your current set!

Imagine popping your dentures in when you get up, taking them out at the end of the day, and never having to worry about a single slip during the day: that’s what implant supported dentures can do for you! Using a series of implants, generally four, we’ll create a way for your dentures to stay secure all day!

Once your implants are placed we’ll finish them with one of two implant-supporting solutions: metal balls or a bar. We’ll then modify your dentures to have either sockets to match the balls or clasps that attach to the bar and you’ll be ready to enjoy stability you never thought possible!

What Will Fixing Dentures with Implant Support Do For Me?

Besides being far easier to wear there are a number of ways that implants make your denture experience better!

  • Speak easier: you won’t have to make allowances for unsteady dentures when you speak! Imagine being able to talk with family members and friends without fear for your dentures!
  • Avoid damage to your dentures: since they’re far more secure they’ll be much safer in your mouth! You won’t have to worry about accidental breaking since you won’t want to take them out during the day!
  • Eat more foods you love: what have you been forced to avoid for fear of embarrassment? There’s a good chance you’ll be able to eat it with implant supported dentures!
  • Taste your foods better: in many cases an implant supported denture will not cover the roof of your mouth. You would be surprised but feeling the natural roof of your mouth can help enhance flavors and make eating more enjoyable!
  • Less maintenance: because traditional dentures don’t stop bone loss they have to be continually adjusted to fit your mouth. Dental implants not only stop bone loss but they’ll make your dentures fit well for as long as you wear them!
  • Look better: your dentures will never have made you look so good! By attaching to your mouth and staying in place your dentures will always sit in the right position! They won’t be seated improperly and you won’t have to worry about them “sticking out!”

The Bottom Line:

If you’re not happy with your dentures then implant support can completely change the way you think about them! Don’t sit around cursing your dentures any longer: get to fixing those dentures and make them an ally that you trust in your daily life!

If you want to find out about your implant support options call our office today at 815-725-5991! We are a family dentist in Shorewood, located at 607 West Jefferson Street. You can also request an appointment without picking up the phone – just fill out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!