• September 17, 2015
is fluoride safe

Protecting your teeth can take a lot of work, especially with all the foods out there that attack and damage them throughout the day! At Shorewood Family Dental Care we try hard to make sure your teeth stay healthy through regular cleanings and exams but there are other things you need to do on your own to protect them!

One of the best ways to repair and restore damaged enamel is through a regular dose of fluoride. Unfortunately there’s a lot of bad information about fluoride out there and many people have started to believe it’s dangerous! Is fluoride safe? Yes, and we want to help you understand why it is so important and what it can do to protect your teeth!

Fact: Fluoride Protects And Strengthens Your Teeth

Fluoride is a natural occurring compound that exists all over the world. It’s present in the foods you eat and the things you drink but not at high enough quantities to really protect your teeth. By supplementing your fluoride intake with tap water and fluoride toothpaste you get the perfect amount to protect your smile!

Fluoride is able to remineralize your teeth and replace lost tooth enamel simply by getting into your mouth and your body! And the best part is that enamel remineralized with fluoride is actually stronger than the enamel that’s lost due to plaque acids!

A large part of your teeth’s natural enamel is made from a compound called hydroxyapatite. That’s the part that’s largely lost when your teeth are damaged by plaque acids. Fluorapatite is what fluoride replaces it with and it’s far more resistant to acid! There’s no reason not to get your fluoride!

Is Fluoride Safe? Yes!

One of the major complaints from people who are anti-fluoride is that it’s harmful to your body and is actually a neurotoxin! While it’s true that large quantities of fluoride can cause physical harm there’s nowhere near a dangerous amount in the food and water you consume.

Drinking three liters of fluoridated water a day will deliver approximately 2.4 mg of fluoride. In order to reach toxic levels you’d need to drink more than ten liters of water! Even at ten you’re still considered to be in the safe zone for most adults!

The numbers are lower for children but no one expects a child to drink even three liters of water, so don’t worry about giving your child too much fluoride.

Fact: Water Fluoridation Is The Best Way To Deliver Fluoride

2015 is actually the 70th anniversary of water fluoridation in the United States! Over the years we’ve learned plenty about the safety and proper amounts of fluoride to add to the water supply, and everything has come to one conclusion: it’s the best possibly way to deliver fluoride to the most people.

Since water fluoridation began there have been a number of tests performed in cities to determine the effectiveness of fluoridated water. Studies have shown that cities with fluoridated water have a 25 percent lower rate of cavities and spent 33 percent less money on dental care! If you want to avoid seeing us more often you’re going to have to drink your tap water!

Fluoride Helps!

There’s no doubt that there are several fluoride benefits; it is a safe, helpful way to strengthen and protect your teeth. There are no studies to prove otherwise and all evidence and claims that fluoride is bad have been widely rejected by the scientific community.

You can’t rely solely on fluoride to protect your smile though! Fluoride treatment is most effective when combined with good at-home dental care and the attention of our team at Shorewood Family Dental Care! We’re ready to see every member of your family, so don’t hesitate to bring your children with you for great dental care!

If you would like to find out more about how safe fluoride is call our Shorewood dentist office today at 815-725-5991! If you would like to schedule an appointment you can take care of that when you call or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!