• July 1, 2021
professional teeth whitening in joliet illinois

You’ve probably heard someone use the following expression at one time or another.

“It was lit up like the Fourth of July.”

“She had a smile that could light up a room.”

We want to help you combine those ideas. With our professional teeth whitening, your smile could light up a room like the Fourth of July!

Sound crazy? We don’t think so. We’ve seen how much brighter teeth can be at our Shorewood, IL dental office.

We’d love to show you, too. Call Shorewood Family Dental Care today to schedule a consultation on our professional teeth whitening service with one of our doctors. You can reach us at 815-725-5991.

Light, Bright

With our professional teeth whitening, the main question is how white do you want your smile to be.

Our products have bleaching agents in higher concentrations than you will find with any product you can find in stores.

We offer two options for our patients.

• NiteWhite — With this professional teeth whitening system, you receive a set of custom-formed teeth whitening trays. You only need to wear them for a short time in the evening, and in a matter of a couple weeks, you could be looking at a dramatically brighter smile.

• Opalescence — This system does not include custom trays, but it is significantly more effective than over-the-counter products.

Both of these options are as simple to use as the drug-store brands … but with much more stain-removing power.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Shorewood Illinois

Do it Right the First Time

We can’t tell you how many patients have come to see us after they tried doing different DIY teeth whitening hacks. Whether with whitening toothpaste, strips, or gels – patients are almost always disappointed with their results. Their teeth were less yellow than they were before, but few of them had the truly white smiles they were hoping to see.

They can work to a degree, but nothing like what you’ll see with professional whitening.

Does professional teeth whitening cost more? Yes, but it costs less than paying for commercial whitening over and over again until you realize it’s not going to give you what you want.

Another Option

As effective as whitening can be against the stains caused by morning coffees, soft drinks, and colorful sauces, there are times when it’s not a good option.

If you have untreated cavities or you already have multiple fillings or crowns, whitening may not be your best option for bringing back your bright smile. The bleaching agents won’t work the same on a crown or filling as they will on natural teeth, which can leave you with a smile with different shades.

In those situations, dental veneers are a better choice. Veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. They can be shaded to be as white as you would like.

This means they can give you “pearly whites,” along with correcting a number of other flaws that you may want to fix at the same time.

Let It Shine with Professional Teeth Whitening

That little light of yours, we want to help you let it shine.

Call our dental office near Joliet, IL today at 815-725-5991 or contact us online to request an appointment. Find out whether professional whitening or veneers will work for you!