• May 21, 2017
Three Benefits Of Having A Root Canal - Shorewood Family Dental Care

How would you fill in this sentence? I would rather _____________ than get a root canal. You’ve probably heard some variation of this at one time or another. Somehow root canals have become synonymous with something painful or something awful in our culture. Believe it or not though, there are several benefits to having a root canal!

And frankly, we don’t think that’s fair. Pain free root canal treatments have done a lot of good for patients at our dentist office in Shorewood, IL.

That’s why today, we are focusing on three important benefits that come from having a root canal treatment. Our hope is that this will help you understand what’s happening if one of our dentists ever recommends a root canal for you.

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#1. Ending Your Pain

We need to acknowledge something before we go any further. If a dentist says, “You need a root canal,” that means that something is wrong.

Just remember that the root canal treatment is the solution to that problem.

Tooth infections are the most common reason for needing a root canal. These infections occur because bacteria eat into the center of your tooth, where they cause the soft tissue called pulp to become inflamed.

This can lead to increased tooth sensitivity to food and drinks that are hot, cold, or sweet. That also can lead to toothaches, which is what often causes patients to seek help at Shorewood Family Dental Care.

In modern dentistry, we have techniques that allow us to perform root canal treatments without causing our patients additional pain. We can provide local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding tissues, laughing gas for a root canal, or other available forms of sedation dentistry. Either way, we can perform your procedure without causing you more pain.

More importantly, you should notice your toothache is gone within a short time after your root canal procedure.

#2. Saving Your Tooth

In an ideal world, every patient would keep all of his or her teeth for life. In the real world, our goal is to save as many teeth as possible. Root canal treatments are one of the ways we can do that.

There are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth, but if a tooth can be preserved, that is better for your long-term oral health.

During a root canal treatment, we will be removing the infection from your tooth. We do this by removing the inflamed pulp along with the nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth.

Then we clean and sanitize the tooth before a special filling material is added to help your tooth maintain its shape. We finish by capping the tooth with a dental crown, although a dental filling can be enough in some cases.

As a result, your tooth can continue to provide mutual support for your other teeth. It also means you can continue to enjoy the functional benefits of that tooth while you are biting and chewing your food.

#3. Protecting Your Oral Health

We mentioned before that dentists recommend root canal therapy when a problem already exists. We also explained that this problem is the direct result of bacteria infecting your tooth.

If you ignore that problem, that gives the bacteria a chance to spread to your other teeth, where tooth decay can lead to cavities and more infected teeth. (It’s also worth pointing out that ignoring an infected tooth can lead to your teeth falling out or needing to be extracted.)

Rather than risking multiple infected teeth or widespread tooth loss, getting a root canal is easily the best option.

We Want To Keep You Smiling

We understand why you may be hesitant to get a root canal. The old way of doing things could require multiple trips to the dentist office.

Thankfully for our patients and our doctors, better technology and techniques allow us to complete a root canal in a single visit in most cases. When combined with local anesthetic or dental sedation, getting a modern root canal could be compared to get a large filling.

It’s painless. It’s effective. And it preserves more of your smile.

Have Questions?

Yes, there are benefits of having a root canal! If you are concerned that you or someone you love may need a root canal, please contact our dentist office in Shorewood, IL, as soon as you are able.

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