• February 16, 2021

What words or phrases do you tend to associate with a root canal? Fear? Pain? Discomfort? How about expensive?

Don’t get us wrong. Root canals are a much-needed treatment option that can be performed in a way that puts your comfort first. But as they say, “a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure” is especially true for your oral health.

That’s why good daily oral care and bi-annual visits to the dentist are so important. By doing everything you can to prevent problems and addressing issues as they arise before they get too big, you can avoid the need for a root canal.

Plus, your wallet will thank you.

For example, if a cavity is discovered at one of your regular visits to the dentist, a filling costs approximately $350 before insurance.

keep up with bi-annual visits to the dentist to avoid root canal therapy

If a tooth is weakened by decay, broken or worn down, it may be necessary to put a crown on it to protect you against further issues. A crown typically costs about $1,500 before insurance.

Root canals are typically used to treat an infection inside of a tooth. The pulp inside your tooth can become infected and cause immense pain or discomfort. The infection can occur because of a severe cavity that was left untreated or an injury. If left untreated for too long, the infection can become so severe that we’ll have to remove the tooth entirely. A root canal is a way to treat the tooth without having to extract it.

The approximate cost of a root canal (and the crown needed to protect the tooth) is about $3,000 before insurance. That’s an expense that can often be avoided with proper preventative care.

What If You Need A Root Canal?

Do you know someone who has gotten a root canal? Or perhaps you’ve just heard rumors about root canal therapy. If you end up needing the treatment even with consistent good oral hygiene, be assured that a root canal is safe.

Even if you underwent root canal therapy more than a decade ago, there’s a good chance the image and treatment you have in your head is far different than the reality you’ll experience at Shorewood Family Dental Care. Simply put, don’t believe the root canal myths you may have heard.

It’s widely believed that fear of root canals come from so-called “legends” about bad experiences. The fortunate reality is that root canals are no more uncomfortable with modern technology and techniques than a routine dental cleaning. Any discomfort you experience is likely the result of the infection in your tooth, not the treatment to remove it. We also offer several dental sedation options for added comfort, to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure.

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