• September 25, 2015
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Unhappy with your smile? You aren’t alone! If you’re in need of a dentist near Joliet, Illinois we are here to help! At Shorewood Family Dental Care we see a lot of patients who just want to be confident in their ability to smile without keeping their mouth closed or covered. We agree – you should be able to show off your smile with pride!

You might not realize it but your smile says a lot about you. Have you missed out on part of life because you keep yours hidden away? You don’t need to continue living like that when we can help you with a complete smile makeover! The solution to your self-consciousness might only be an appointment away!

What Is A Smile Makeover?

Think of a smile makeover as just like a regular one! When you get a makeover you’re trusting your new look to someone who’s a professional at finding just the right hair, makeup, and clothes to fit your personality and your body. With a smile makeover we’re your beauticians and your wardrobe is your teeth!

We use any of a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures to transform your smile into something you’re proud to show off. Whether it’s discoloration, crooked teeth, damaged teeth, deep stains, or any number of cosmetic concerns we can make you really say “wow” at your smile!

How Does A Smile Makeover Work?

It starts with a visit to Shorewood Family Dental Care: a good dentist near Joliet, IL. You’ll meet with a member of our team who will discuss your desired outcome and then perform a full examination of your mouth. Depending on the procedures you may need this could include digital X-rays, cone beam CT scans, and any number of ways for us to perfectly model your smile.

If we find you are in need of treatment to improve your oral health we’ll need to address those issues first. Some of those issues might just be part of your desired outcome, so we’ll incorporate it into your treatment plan!

Using your exam and imaging results we’ll design the perfect treatment sequence for you. We’ll determine the best procedures for your needs and the best order for them to happen in and then we’ll discuss it with you – the smile makeover is in your hands!

The final part of planning your treatment lies in the cosmetic wax-up. This involves using wax to model your final smile so that you can truly see the results we’ll create! Once you see your treatment outcome created by our wax-up we’ll have a final discussion about your plan. If anything about the wax-up left you unsatisfied we’ll work together to make any changes you want!

What Goes Into A Smile Makeover?

We offer a number of cosmetic treatments and all of them could be part of your smile makeover! Because your smile is unique we can’t tell what your treatment plan will look like without seeing you first! Some of the possible components of a smile makeover are:

  • Teeth whitening: we can get great results that will get your teeth shades lighter in just one visit! We also offer take-home whitening kits that provide amazing results as well!
  • Veneers: they’re are like false nails for your teeth! They can be placed with minimal preparation and are designed to really perfect your smile. They can close gaps, reshape crooked teeth, and even repair chips and cracks!
  • Gum Reshaping: if you’re worried about a gummy smile we can correct it without a single incision! We use special dental lasers that vaporize tissue instantly! You’ll heal quicker and experience a lot less pain!

Discover The Confidence Of A Great Smile!

You don’t need to live with embarrassment over a smile you don’t love. Take control of your look and your life with a smile makeover with Shorewood Family Dental Care!

If you’re ready to schedule the first appointment on your way to a great smile call us today at 815-725-5991! You can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!