• May 18, 2019
Graduate Student Excited for Her Summer Dentist Visit

Graduation season is upon us. Do you have a high school senior who is about to don a cap and gown? How is it possible that he or she has already gone from teething to one of life’s most momentous steps on the journey to becoming an adult? Before your child takes off on his or her next step for college, military service or job prospects, it’s a good idea to make sure check-off some important oral health-related tasks. The first and most important task of – completing their summer dentist visit!

1. Summer Dentist Visit

Call our Shorewood dental office now to schedule an appointment for their summer dentist visit before they leave home in the Fall. Think about adding teeth whitening service to the appointment so your child greets new situations with a confident smile. A great option is to have your dentist make custom bleaching trays for use at home (or school) to get and maintain white teeth.

2. Being Proactive for Winter Break

With Shorewood Family Dental Care, you can book appointment months in advance! When scheduling your graduate’s summer dentist visit, use the same call for his or her second bi-annual visit during winter break. Some dental insurance providers have strict policies about the timing and frequency of appointments. If it is not possible to lock-down a future date, make sure to set a reminder in your calendar. This way, when schedules open for appointments, you get the date that works best for your child.

3. Filling In The Gaps

Does your child have any remaining orthodontic needs? Make sure you have a plan in place to finish treatment or replace a lost or broken retainer.

4. Oral Hygiene Kit

Put together an oral hygiene for your child that includes a regular or electric toothbrush, replacement brushes or heads, enough toothpaste to last for a few months and plenty of floss.

5. Staying Hydrated

Remind your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It’s good for overall health and especially helpful to remove food and sugars from teeth between brushings (and we know late night studying includes sugar snacks!).

Good Oral Health For Years To Come

Graduation is an exciting time. The prospect of what’s to come is limitless. With some advance planning and advice, new graduates are better able to incorporate healthy dental habits into their new routines now to maintain their teeth into adulthood. Let’s help your graduate get take care of the first item on this checklist with their summer dentist visit. Call 815-725-5991 today to schedule their next appointment at Shorewood Family Dental Care!