• December 3, 2019
tips for healthy tailgating

A big part of cheering for your favorite football team is hanging out with fellow fans, especially if you’ve snagged tickets for the big game. Getting to the stadium a few hours before kick-off to tailgate adds to the excitement of the day. But, tailgating treats can be unhealthy for your teeth. When it comes to oral health, we know the best offense is a good defense. Check out these five tips for healthy tailgating, so you have a game plan for the day that protects your teeth.

1. Drink Water

Make sure to bring along lots of plain water to drink before the game. It’s the healthiest choice for your body to help keep you hydrated and rinse away food particles and acid that can damage your teeth.

2. Limit Alcoholic Beverages

Is alcohol bad for your teeth? Yes, for a few reasons. First, alcohol lessens the production of saliva, the body’s natural defense against acids, bacteria and sugars that can build up in your mouth. Second, drinks that contain sugar or citrus produce acid that can soften tooth enamel over time. Drinking a glass of water after every drink helps limit the effect.

3. Pack Healthy Food Options

Tailgating means grilling, chips and dip, and sweet desserts. Yum, right? Bring along some healthy substitutions so you can dig in with less risk to your teeth. Instead of chips, choose cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower. Hummus is a great substitution for acidic or sugary dips, such as salsa. And, limiting the amount of sauce added to meats with barbecue or chicken wings reduces your exposure to sugar. Here are some additional foods for healthy teeth

4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It’s not just what you put in your mouth that can impact your oral health at a tailgate. There’s lots of activity at these events and spirits are high. People like to throw footballs around, play bags and other games where things fly through the air. A good tooth protection tip is to use your eyes to protect your smile. Keep an eye out for balls, frisbees and other gaming items that could cause long-lasting damage to your teeth if you get hit in the face.

5. Have Fun

Of all the tips for healthy tailgating, the most important one of all, is to focus on having fun!!! Enjoy the time with your friends knowing that by limiting your exposure to sugary and acidic foods, your teeth will thank you later.

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