• November 26, 2019
types of teeth stains

Scroll through any social media feed and you’ll see lots of photos filled with bright, white smiles. It’s estimated that more than 38 million Americans are whitening their teeth in 2019.

Fighting Different Types of Teeth Stains

What are some of the types of teeth stains that cause pearly whites to lose their luster? Here are the most common culprits to teeth staining.

Food and Drinks

A chemical compound called chromogens give some foods and drinks their strong colors that, in turn, can causes different types of teeth stains. In general, if something you ingest can stain your clothes, it can also discolor your teeth. Red wine, tea, and coffee stains on teeth are three of the worst culprits (and don’t forget about coffee breath). Cola is also a problem because it combines dark coloring and acid. Tomato sauce, berries and curry can also leave stains behind.

Note: take a look at these foods that don’t stain your teeth.

Tobacco Use

Nicotine and tar from both smoking and chewing tobacco (even e-cigarettes and vaping) can stain teeth yellow or brown.cc


Some antibiotics can cause discoloration and different types of teeth stains. Antipsychotic and antihypertensive drugs can cause stains. Even fluoride, an important mineral for teeth, can cause white streaks if enamel comes in to contact with too much of it.


Diseases that affect enamel and/or dentin formation can cause tooth discoloration. Treatments for diseases that require head and neck radiation and chemotherapy can also affect teeth discoloration.


Unfortunately, some people just have genetically bad teeth with thinner enamel that stains more easily.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Improper brushing and flossing can lead to teeth stains because plaque and food remain on the enamel.

Dental Materials

Older dental materials, such as old silver amalgam fillings, can color teeth a grayish-black color.

Professional Teeth Whitening Near Joliet, IL

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