• May 19, 2015

Hello, and welcome to our official website! We hope that you’ll find all of the information that we provide helpful and educational. The design of the new Shorewood Family Dental Care website keeps in mind both our current patients and those searching for a new dentist. We are including not only information about our Shorewood Family Dental Care practice, but also information about all the services we provide. We are firm believers in educating our patients – an informed mouth is a happy mouth!

You’ll find countless links throughout our new site that will lead you to some great information. Whether you’re here for general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, or need to restore lost or damaged teeth, we have solutions for your needs! We also love keeping our patients up-to-date on our practice through this blog, so check back often for the latest dental tips, tricks, and news for your health!

New Patients

Family Dentist in Shorewood IL

If you are new to the area or just looking to find a new family dentist, look no further! We love meeting new patients, and we’ve built our about us pages with you in mind! You can take a tour of our office, meet the staff and doctors, and get a feeling for why we’re a great choice for you and your family. If you want to drop by and say hi, feel free! You can also request more information about us or schedule an appointment if you’re ready!

Don’t forget to download our new patient forms before your appointment. We can save you time and make your experience that much smoother!

Returning Patients at Shorewood Family Dental Care

All of the great things you loved about our website are still here – in fact, they’re better! If you’re considering any kind of new procedure, please have a look at all of our services for in-depth looks at all Shorewood Family Dental Care has to offer you.

We hope that you find our site easy to navigate, helpful, and informative. Once you’ve learned everything you need to know, take the next step and put it into action by calling us today at (815) 725-5991! You can also request an appointment online for fast, easy scheduling.