• November 17, 2015

Most people have heard of dental crowns – they’re one of the most common restorations in the industry. Dental crowns are used for a variety of purposes but all come back to one thing: protecting a tooth and giving it a lifelike restoration.

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we use our crowns to protect, preserve, restore, and beautify your teeth. They can do some wonderful things for your smile and you might not even know about all the reasons you could get a crown!

What Are Crowns Dental Crowns?

Our crowns are made from state-of-the-art dental ceramic that perfectly mimics natural teeth. Crowns are hollow tooth caps that are placed over a natural tooth in order to protect it and preserve it from harm. We start by first reducing the size of your natural tooth so that it will fit snugly underneath.

Once your tooth is reshaped we use a digital iTero scanner that takes a digital impression of your tooth. No nasty tasting rubbers or putties – just a quick image that allows better accuracy than ever before! That image is sent to the dental lab and in about two weeks you’ll have a beautiful new permanent crown!

Reasons To Get A Crown

Tooth Decay: if you have a tooth that is too far decayed for a simple filling we’ll use a crown to protect the remaining healthy portion. We’ll reduce your tooth so that all the decay and bacteria is removed and then use a crown to keep it that way!

Tooth Fracture: sometimes a tooth can fracture so greatly it simply breaks in half. Other times the fractures are so small they’re invisible. Either way a fractured tooth can cause serious pain and other complications! A crown can restore a tooth damaged by fractures large and small. We’ll simply remove the fractured portion or reshape your tooth to protect microfractures from spreading and causing more pain.

Bruxism And Tooth Wear: if you grind or clench your teeth you can end up with premature wear that removes enamel and shortens your teeth. Some people end up with worn teeth simply due to age and both conditions can be resolved with crowns! We can use crowns to boost the size and shape of your teeth so as well as protecting them from decay due to enamel loss.

Filling Replacement: If we have to remove an old filling there’s always the chance that your tooth has suffered more damage over time. When that happens it can be too weak to support another filling without further risk of damage, making a crown the best way to restore it.

Root Canals: having a root canal performed means that we’ve drilled deep into your tooth to reach the soft dental pulp at the center. After we remove the infected pulp we fill your teeth with a rubber-like material but that doesn’t eliminate the extensive damage caused by decay and drilling! To best protect a root canaled tooth we’ll protect it with a crown.

To Support A Bridge: a traditional dental bridge is a false tooth that is attached to a crown on either side of it. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth but they have to attach somewhere! By reducing the teeth next to the missing one we create room for abutment crowns that support the bridge.

Dental Implant Restoration: if you come to our Shorewood dentist office for a single tooth dental implant we’ll restore it with the same kinds of crowns we use on natural teeth. Your implant is restored with a cap that fits perfectly into a dental crown, giving you a natural, stable replacement!

Crowns Save!

Our goal is always to preserve your natural teeth. As long as there is plenty of healthy tooth left over after a procedure there’s no reason to extract – not when your natural tooth does a perfect job already! Crowns are the perfect way for us to restore look, feel, and function without the need for extraction!

If you’re concerned over a tooth that has been damaged, an aging filling, or pain that could be due to a fracture we can help! Crowns are a tried and true dental restoration that will give you the exact look you want!

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