• November 21, 2015
diabetes teeth and gum problems

If you have diabetes you know how complicated life can be: monitoring your blood sugar, watching your diet, and a whole host of other hassles become part of daily life. You might not realize it but your oral health can be at risk as well!

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we believe strongly in patient education. The information we share with you can be the difference between maintaining a healthy mouth and ending up with missing teeth and we don’t want you to have to suffer from that! Today we’re going to discuss the link between diabetes, teeth and gum problems. As we go over the oral health risks for diabetic patients, we will teach you on how to manage those risks and keep your mouth healthy!

Infection Risks Are Much Higher

If you’ve been dealing with diabetes for any length of time you probably know that your risks of infections of any kind are greatly increased. Whether it’s a simple cold or a serious condition they’re all harder to fight and recover from.

Your mouth is no exception when it comes to infection – in fact it’s just filled with bacteria! Over 300 different species in countless number live on your teeth and gums and a lot of those species are harmful! They cause two primary conditions: gum disease and tooth decay. While tooth decay is a risk for everyone it’s gum disease that diabetic patients need to watch out for. If you suffer from diabetes you can develop gum disease faster and have a harder time finding success with treatment.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is an infection of your gums that happens when plaque bacteria end up below your gumline. When plaque gets between your teeth and gums it causes irritation, redness, swelling, bleeding, and eventual gum recession. As recession continues your teeth can loosen, your bite can change, and you could even end up losing teeth entirely!

Because it is usually painless most patients don’t worry about gum disease until it’s already serious. At the first sign of bleeding during brushing, redness, or discoloration of your gums you should come see us at our Shorewood dentist office!

Managing Diabetes, Teeth and Gum Problems

The best way to manage gum disease is by brushing at least twice a day and flossing nightly. It’s also essential to maintain a regular cleaning and exam schedule so that we can identify any problems early on. The key to successful treatment, especially for a diabetic patient, is preventive care!

As a diabetic there are a few other things you should do regularly to ensure continued oral health. Make sure you’re in good control of your blood glucose levels, as gum disease is far more common in patients that aren’t actively controlling it.

Also be sure to watch your diet. The bacteria that causes gum disease feeds on sugars from the foods you eat and the higher your sugar intake the greater your chances are for gum and tooth problems. You’ll also be helping yourself as a diabetic patient by keeping a close eye on your sugar intake.

Treating Gum Disease

If you’re concerned you may already be suffering from gum disease don’t worry – we can help! We use an advanced diode laser to treat gum disease so that you won’t have to worry about a single needle prick.

Our diode laser can destroy bacteria, vaporize infected tissue, and quickly seal wounds to minimize healing time. You’ll be able to go right back to living your life after a gum disease treatment at Shorewood Family Dental Care! Laser gum disease treatment is fast, effective, and nowhere near as intrusive as traditional treatments!

Regular Care Is Critical!

Being a diabetic your risks for gum disease are increased greatly. We can treat you but we’d rather help you prevent the condition completely. By working collaboratively with you we can outline a treatment plan that will help you keep your smile a lifetime!

Don’t wait another day to get essential care for your diabetes. Call Shorewood Family Dental Care today at 815-725-5991 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!