• November 1, 2018
Are Dental Crowns Good For Your Teeth

Looking back on dental history, crowns have been used for centuries to repair and replace teeth.

Crowns have been made of all kinds of things. Seashells, stones, ivory, and animal teeth and bones are just a few examples.

Today’s modern materials make crowns durable, practical, and natural in their appearance. At our Shorewood, IL office, dental crowns have proven to be an invaluable part of our restorative care for patients with a variety of issues.

You might be asking yourself, “is it safe to have crowns on teeth?” Yes, they are! We want to discuss some of the ways dental crowns could help you or someone you care about. If you believe you could use one now, please plan a visit to Shorewood Family Dental Care. Call us at 815-725-5991.

Restore the Function of Your Teeth

Eating is essential for human survival. For a long time in human history, this was the driving force behind the kinds of crowns we mentioned above. When someone lost or damaged teeth, eating became more difficult.

For that reason, teeth repairs and replacements were very much a practical decision for our ancestors. They needed to be able to bite and chew, so they did their best with the things available to them to create replacement teeth.

In addition to the stones and bones mentioned earlier, people started making crowns out of metals as well. These may not have looked great, but they worked. That was the most important thing at the time.

In modern dentistry, we have ceramics that are strong and durable. These ceramics are an excellent option for repairing broken, cracked, and decayed teeth. Ceramic crowns are very good for your teeth. They bring back your ability to bite and chew, so you can continue eating a variety of things without giving up the foods that you enjoy.

Protect the Teeth You Still Have

If you are missing a tooth, you may be tempted to live without it. After all, you did this for years when your primary teeth fell out, right? Of course, unlike back then, you aren’t going to grow a replacement for the tooth that was taken out, knocked out, or fell out.

Leaving that gap comes with more risk than its worth, however. Losing one tooth makes you more likely to lose more teeth. A missing tooth can lead to bone loss in our jaw. At the same time, your nearby teeth have the potential to “drift” into the open space created by your missing tooth.

You can prevent these potential problems by replacing the tooth instead. A great option is getting a dental implant. This replaces the root of your lost tooth. It also provides a foundation to support your dental crown.

This complete tooth replacement will let you bite and chew. It prevents the bone loss that could put other teeth at risk, and it can avert the drifting that could change your bite and your smile.

Upgrade Your Smile

Modern crowns also have undeniable cosmetic benefits.

Unlike metal crowns, modern ceramic ones look remarkably lifelike. As a result, most people won’t be able to tell a crown from your natural teeth. In addition to fixing damaged teeth and replacing teeth that have been lost, a crown can fix purely aesthetic concerns.

Do you have a tooth that looks discolored compared to the rest of your smile? Do you have a tooth that is short? Are any of your teeth misshapen? A dental crown can correct these issues to boost your confidence in your smile.

Get Started Today

The first step is often the hardest when making a change. Your first step should be scheduling an appointment at Shorewood Family Dental Care if you could use a new crown.

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