• February 9, 2020
explaining the dangers of missing teeth

It may seem like the biggest downfall of a missing tooth is its effect on your appearance. You may be reluctant to show the world a full, beautiful smile so no one can see the hole in your gum line. If you’ve been putting off replacing a missing tooth, it’s time to fix the gap in your smile for more than just aesthetic reasons. Did you know the dangers of missing teeth can cause significant physical and psychological effects that can cause long term damage?

  1. Misalignment – A missing tooth can seriously affect your overall oral health. Over time, your remaining teeth move to fill the open space, throwing off the alignment of your mouth. The condition is called malocclusion, which can require orthodontic services to fix crossbites, overbites and jaw pain.
  2. Chewing difficulties – A missing tooth makes it difficult to chew food properly and cause digestive issues. You may also unconsciously shift all food to the side of your mouth that has all its teeth leading to more wear on those molars.
  3. Bone loss – Teeth help maintain the bone density of your jaw. A missing tooth is weak point that can degrade over time, causing cheeks and lips to sag inward.
  4. Speech problems – You may not be able to form words properly or accidentally whistle or spit while you’re speaking.
  5. Social isolation – You may withdraw from normal social interactions or hold back on fully participating in conversations if you are self-conscious about appearance issues caused by a missing tooth.

Ways To Fix A Missing Tooth

There are several different methods correct a missing tooth that are both affordable and cause little physical discomfort. Most people consider the pros and cons of dentures vs. implants.

Dentures are removable dental appliances with a false tooth that affix to your gums. The biggest problem with dentures is the likelihood that they will slip in your mouth, especially when eating more dense foods such as meat or apples.

Shorewood Family Dental Care advises looking into facts about dental implants to make an informed decision about why implants are likely a better option for replacing a missing tooth. Implants are custom made replacement teeth with a titanium post that is placed inside your jaw. Over time, your bone fuses with the implant forming a strong bond that helps prevent bone loss.

Dental implants are better suited to restore bite strength to what it was before you lost your tooth. Maintenance is easier than dentures because you are able to brush and floss just as you do your other teeth.

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