• September 16, 2019
tips to improve flossing habits

You know you’re supposed to floss every day, right? When your dentist asks you about your flossing habits, if you’re like most people, you kind of nod and move the conversation along. More often than not, most people need to improve flossing habits.

You’re not alone. A national survey by Harris Poll for the American Academy of Periodontology found that about one-quarter of Americans lie about how often they floss their teeth. The same study revealed that more than a third of people would rather do an unpleasant activity – such as cleaning the toilet or washing a sink full of dirty dishes – than floss. In another study, 20% of people said they only floss once a month.

Yet most people know the benefits of flossing:

Here are some helpful tooth protection tips from the best dentists in Shorewood to up your flossing game and improve your overall oral health.

Tap Into Technology

Set up a series of reminders on your phone to provide a daily reminder that you need to floss. The physical act of seeing the notice on your phone and having to tap the screen to remove it will help you begin to incorporate the practice into your daily routine.

Treat Yourself

Head to your favorite big box store or pharmacy for a visit to the dental care aisle. Floss comes in a variety of sizes, materials and flavors. Select the type and taste that appeals to you most so when it comes time to floss you have the right tools as your disposal.

Make Access Easy

When you find your favorite type of floss, buy a few. Then add floss to your purse, desk, glove compartment or anywhere you spend a lot of time. Then when the urge to floss hits you have what you need.

Learn How To Do It Right

Not sure your flossing technique is correct? Check out this helpful video for do’s and don’ts, and ways to improve flossing habits. Our ask the best dentists in Shorewood for tips at your next visit.

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