• September 10, 2019
short teeth treatment options in joliet illinois

Step back from a crowd and take a look. It is amazing to witness all the shapes and sizes of human beings. Have you ever stopped to consider that people’s teeth also vary greatly? The answer is likely yes if you have short teeth.

If your tooth-to-gum ratio is small, you may not see they type of pearly whites you’d like in photos or notice a particularly gummy smile or. Fortunately, with the help of a cosmetic dentist, there are short teeth treatment options available.

Causes of Short Teeth

There are two main reasons some people have short teeth:

  1. Worn down teeth due to grinding (also known as bruxism, tooth decay, erosion from exposure to acidic substance or acid reflux, or damaging chewing habits. Here are some additional tips on how to protect your teeth from acid reflux.
  2. Excessive gum tissue which covers up a large portion of the tooth enamel.

Short Teeth Treatment Options

The process for fixing short teeth is dependent on the cause of the issue. If you have concerns about the length of your teeth, the first step is a visit to you dentist to determine what’s going on.

Worn teeth – Your dentist will talk to you about your oral habits and examine your teeth for signs of grinding. Teeth that are worn but still healthy can be restored with cosmetic veneers to add length to the teeth and protect the damaged surface of the enamel. The process involves taking an impression of your teeth, which is then sent to a lab where custom veneers are made. The timeline between the impression and the application of the veneers is only about two weeks.

Teeth that are severely worn may require more extensive reconstruction or removal are replacement by implants. It is important to find a cosmetic dentist with experience evaluating and treating worn teeth.

Gummy smile – When gums extend too far over teeth, a gum reshaping procedure may be in order. Thanks to modern dental treatments and lasers, the process is fairly quick, and the time required to heal is minimal.

Dental lasers are tuned to instantly vaporize sick gums, leaving healthy gums that do not require any stitches. Bleeding is eliminated which significantly reduces the chances of a bacterial infection. The level of pain experienced by most patients is very low. Some describe the sensation after treatment as no more painful than a sunburn. 

Reclaim Your Smile

There is no reason to let short teeth define your smile. Check out treatment services from Shorewood Family Dental Care, a dentist near Joliet. Give us a call at 815-725-5991 or book an evaluation appointment online.