• May 21, 2016
short teeth treatment options in joliet illinois

Don’t take this the wrong way – do you need help fixing your short teeth? We know it’s a bit of an odd question, but that doesn’t mean people don’t think their teeth are too short. We’ve heard it several time at Shorewood Family Dental Care, and patients have no idea what to do about it!

Whether it’s a gummy smile or premature wear “short” teeth do happen. If you’ve ever thought your smile was all gums then you very well might be suffering from this very problem. Wondering how to fix it? We have the solution no matter the cause!

Why Your Teeth Might Be Short

There are two reasons behind most cases of short teeth: either premature wear due to teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) or excess gum tissue, which is known as a gummy smile. While the two are completely different they both result in the same thing: teeth that appear too short, which makes your smile less than ideal.

Luckily neither is permanent anymore, and treatment is easier than ever before with modern dental technology!

Eliminating Your Gummy Smile

In order to unlock the beautiful teeth hidden behind your gummy smile we need to get rid of that excess gingival tissue using a gum reshaping procedure. In the past we would have had to cut it off with a scalpel – far from an ideal way to reshape your gums! There would be weeks of healing, sutures and gauze, and the potential for infection that could damage your delicate healing gums.

Thanks to the invention of modern dental lasers we can reshape your gums with amazing precision and make your healing experience much easier. Our dental laser can be tuned to instantly vaporize gum tissue, and what remains is healthy gums that won’t even need to be stitched.

Dental lasers instantly seal the tissue after it’s vaporized, which eliminates bleeding, minimizes pain, and makes the chances of a bacterial infection practically nonexistent. Healing takes no time at all – most patients describe the sensation after treatment as being no more painful than a sunburn.

Since there’s no cutting and stitching of tissue you’ll also be able to see what your new gum-line looks like immediately after the procedure. You may need to take it easy on your mouth for a day or two afterward, but aside from that the procedure for fixing short teeth is as easy as sitting back in our chair for an hour or two!

Reshaping Worn Teeth

Bruxism is a fairly common problem, and it often goes undetected for a long time. Many people “brux” in their sleep and never know they’re suffering from the condition until their teeth are worn down and they start experiencing pain and tooth decay because of a loss of enamel. Make no mistake – worn teeth don’t only look bad but they lead to oral health problems too!

If your smile is worn down, yet still healthy, we can restore it without any real trouble using cosmetic veneers. With just a few pieces of ultra-thin porcelain we can add length to your teeth, protect the de-enameled surfaces, and make your smile look better than it ever has.

Most patients who want to restore worn teeth won’t need to worry about any additional treatments. We’ll simply roughen the surface of your teeth, take an impression, and build your veneers. If your teeth are severely worn down you may need to have some gum reshaping performed so that we can access more of the tooth. Without enough tooth to anchor your veneer to your new smile won’t last long!

Once we’ve sent your impression to the lab it’s just a short wait – usually about two weeks – for us to get your veneers back. We’ll have you return to our office so we can attach them, and then you’ll be ready to enjoy life with a brand new, beautiful smile!

Looking Good by Fixing Short Teeth Can Happen Fast!

You don’t need to commit months or years for short teeth treatment options. In fact, you just need to contact our Shorewood office today so we can determine the perfect treatment for your needs. If you’re ready to find out how easy it can be to restore your worn or covered teeth then we’re ready to show you!

Give us a call today at 815-725-5991 or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you get your dream smile!