• May 17, 2016
Teeth Care For Newborns and Toddlers

What’s the first thing you did when you found out you were going to have a baby? Did you go out and start stocking up on supplies, plan for the layout of their new bedroom, or did you start panicking over all the things you need to consider? One thing that a lot of parents forget to think about is their child’s dental health. With all that’s going on during pregnancy it’s easy to understand why, but you can’t afford to leave this crucial consideration out of your planning. To make matters even more complicated you actually need to start thinking about teeth care for newborns. That’s right, the care for your child’s oral health starts the day you realize you’re pregnant!

Oral Health During Pregnancy: It Has A Huge Effect

You’ve probably heard that pregnant women have much higher rates of gum disease, but what you might not have considered is what kind of effect that can have on your unborn child. Bad teeth after pregnancy (or pregnancy gingivitis) is a very serious problem for you and can affect teeth care for newborns. Even worse, the results can even affect your child for the rest of their lives!

One of the most common symptoms of gum disease is bleeding when you brush and floss. Even the slightest amount of bleeding is a cause for concern because it’s creating an opening for oral bacteria to get into your bloodstream. Once it gets in there’s a good chance it could end up reaching your child, where it settles in and becomes one of they types of oral bacteria they carry for the rest of their lives.

If your child inherits dangerous oral bacteria from you the likelihood that they develop the condition themselves is much greater. The strains that cause gum disease are also responsible for cavities, which they’ll also be subject to as well. On top of that, pregnant women have much higher rates of premature and underweight births – oral health problems are just all around bad news!

How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy During Pregnancy

The chances of you developing gum disease when pregnant go up, but there’s no reason to except that it’s inevitable. With good preventive care at our Shorewood office you can rest easy knowing you and your child will be healthy.

Following these tips are essential factors in teeth care for newborns during pregnancy:

–  Make sure you’re brushing thoroughly twice a day. If you notice any bleeding while brushing be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

–  Flossing is mandatory for everybody, but it’s especially important for you. Make sure you’re flossing nightly so that oral bacteria doesn’t have a chance to do damage. It only takes it 24 hours to start irritating your gums, so don’t even skip a single day!

–  You’ll probably be eating a specific diet to ensure your baby grows up healthy, but don’t forget to include plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Both of those ingredients are important to keeping your teeth healthy and can do a lot in fighting off gum disease. They’re also good for your baby too.

–  Pregnancy requires greater attention to dental care, so you’ll probably be making more frequent appointments at our Shorewood office. After an initial prenatal evaluation we can suggest the appropriate schedule based on your risks and care needs.

Teeth Care for Newborns: Prenatal Care Isn’t The End!

Once your child is born you’re sure to face just as many (probably more, actually) problems caring for their teeth. It’s best to start early to ensure that they’re used to routine oral care and they grow into a healthy set of teeth.

–  For baby oral care, your child needs care before they have a single tooth. Start wiping their gums with a soft cloth twice a day. This keeps their mouths clean and also gets them used to the idea of oral hygiene at an early age.

–  Once your child’s first tooth has erupted they need to be seen at Shorewood Family Dental Care. Our specialists in kids dental care will help you understand their new teeth and get a good early measure for the development of their later teeth.

–  Help your child brush their teeth as long as they need you to. Teaching proper brushing technique is important, and it’s easier done than said! Take a look at our list of brushing teeth games for toddlers!

We’re Here To Make Your Child’s Health Great

At Shorewood Family Dental Care we aim to be the best dentist for the family, from infants to their great grandparents! When you have questions about teeth care for newborns or other child’s oral care never hesitate to contact us!

You can reach our Shorewood office by calling 815-725-5991. Why not take the time to schedule a prenatal dental visit now? You can do it by phone or you can request an appointment online. We hope to see you soon!