• June 20, 2016
Kids Dentist in Crystal Lawns IL
Kids Dentist near Crystal Lawns IL

Are you in search of a kids dentist near Crystal Lawns, IL. If so, then you have come to the right place! Today, we want to talk about what we do best: family dentistry, specifically kids dental services.

Is this really that important? After all, what could possibly be going wrong in the mouths of your kiddos? Yes, it is important because plenty could go wrong!

Did you know that before your child gets his/her first tooth, there is already dangerous bacteria on the loose, waiting to destroy their sweet, innocent smile? True story!

That’s why we always stress the importance of starting your kids early on their preventive visits to Shorewood Family Dental Care.

This is about much more than just keeping their teeth clean.

The habits they will learn, both from you at home, and here in our Illinois dental practice, will set the stage for what is to come later in life. In order to keep your children healthy and happy, we do our best to make them feel at ease and valued while they are here and provide them with the care they deserve.

Our comprehensive exams will let us know when anything bad is unfolding so that we can quickly reverse those kinds of trends with a conservative treatment (such as a dental filling for cavities). Plus, our thorough cleanings will keep their mouth feeling fresh and free of any lingering tartar, plaque, food particles, etc. that may have been missed at home.

For at home, we have some tips. Keep reading to hear more, and then follow up with our team to schedule your family’s next preventive appointment!

Brushing Religiously

You can actually start brushing your child’s gums and mouth before any teeth poke through. This will get them used to the idea, and will go along way towards keeping bacteria, disease, and decay at bay all through life. Keep in mind that brushing is a nonnegotiable that should be done twice a day at least.

Flossing Feverishly

As soon as your child has teeth, teach them how to floss with a kid-friendly flavored floss. This is a must for removing all the crud that gets trapped in between teeth and in other hard-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Washing When Appropriate

Depending on your child’s age, you can find a suitable fluoride-fortified mouthwash for them to use in conjunction with their other home hygiene habits.

Getting Friendly With The Dentist

Much like selecting a family doctor, choosing a dentist you can trust to keep up with your children’s ever-changing needs is a pretty big deal! If your kids have a bad experience at a young age, they could develop dental anxiety (fear of the dentist) later in life which could really get in the way of their continued wellbeing.

As a gentle dental practice, we would love the opportunity to earn your family’s trust. We have a comprehensive range of services available under one convenient roof. Plus, we are personable and friendly, and we provide a welcoming environment for folks of all ages.

You Make The Call!

Shorewood Family Dental Care is a kids dentist near Crystal Lawns in Illinois. To learn more about our dentistry, contact us online, or call us today at 815-725-5991.