• January 21, 2016
older woman wearing cost effective modern dentures
older woman wearing cost effective modern dentures

It’s safe to say that a lot of our patients at Shorewood Family Dental Care have a love/hate relationship with their dentures. More often than not that relationship is more on the “I hate my dentures” side, and it’s easy to see why. Falling, irritating, embarrassing, and slippery dentures are all reasons why they are definitely not the tooth loss solution you had hoped they would be!

We don’t think anyone should be forced to live with dentures they hate, but so many people do. We see a lot of patients who are absolutely miserable because of their dentures and we want to help. There are so many things that can go wrong – do any of these sound like what you’ve experienced over the years?

Dentures That Won’t Stay Put

They’re supposed to stay in with suction, right? You just pop them in and they stay put, allowing you to eat, smile, and live with ease. But let’s be realistic: it’s nothing like that. You probably haven’t had anything as cartoonish as getting them stuck in an apple. However, the reality of slippery dentures is very real.

Even a fresh pair that fits perfectly won’t last forever. Without teeth to support your jawbone you’ll continually lose mass over time. This leads to that sunken look when you take your dentures out. As your jawbone shrinks the fit of your dentures gets worse, and so does their reliability. It’s practically unavoidable, and adjustments can be a real hassle too.

A Reduced Diet

When is the last time you’ve eaten your favorite foods? Depending on what you love most that answer could be a very long time! Dentures simply don’t let you eat a lot of foods you used to take for granted, leaving you with a reduced diet and a high deal of frustration. What’s worse is that your reduced diet is probably affecting your health too. Most denture wearers suffer from malnutrition due to their reduced food variety.

And let’s not forget about the lack of taste. Covering the roof of your mouth can make everything taste like cardboard! Not only are you not enjoying the foods you love but even your boring meals are devoid of flavor. Remember when eating used to be fun?

Social Embarrassment

Have you ever gone to smile and had your teeth just slip out of place? How about having to plan everything you do with your teeth in mind? The embarrassment and anxiety that comes with wearing dentures is truly handicapping, and isn’t something you should have to tolerate.

Many older denture-wearing patients tell us about missing out on things because of the fear their dentures would humiliate them. This includes family gatherings, parties, and social events Sometimes it just seems like they’re wearing you, doesn’t it?

Find A Real Solution

No one deserves to live their senior years with the unpredictable, uncomfortable, and embarrassing problem that slippery dentures create. Thankfully there’s a solution for fixing dentures! We can alleviate many of the problems discussed without completely breaking the bank in the process. The solution is implant-retained dentures.

We can use your existing dentures with just a few modifications designed to keep them in place for the whole day. Imagine waking up in the morning, putting your dentures in, and not having to worry about them until you took them out to go to bed. That’s what implant retention can get you!

What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

Using a series of dental implants, we’ll create a system that allows you to snap your dentures in place and feel confident that they’ll do what they were designed to do. Implants for denture retention are topped with either a series of metal balls or a bar that fit into sockets or clasps on your dentures. You just pop them in place and go – no need to worry about slipping, falling, irritation, or embarrassment.

Implant retention is an affordable, effective way to give a new life to your tired old dentures. You may hate them now, but we’re confident you’ll feel completely different once you put an implant-retained set in your mouth!

Don’t Wait: They’re Just An Appointment Away!

It just takes a few visits to our Shorewood office to change the way you think about your current slippery dentures. We’re ready to see you as soon as you can come in, so give us a call today!

You can reach Shorewood Family Dental Care by calling 815-725-5991 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to getting you a set of reliable, comfortable, and effective dentures!